The Republicans

The American party called the Republicans are really in a dire straits, the loss to Mr. Barack Obama really threw them into cold water, and they are now lingering on the edge of the abyss, at least that is how it feels I suppose. The game is upped tremendously, with new ideas flowing in from Europe, at the world is changing rapidly.

Now, as a true philosopher of a Danish mould, where our philosophers try to give a solid common basis, I suppose I have a bit of a difficult feeling with the Republicans, basically because, both sides of the constituency should work to make any progress.

Now, I am the friend of Barack Obama, so I cannot severe that friendship, we are in this together as should friend, through darkness and light. But, there are other friends, that I have had through my work as a philosopher. One of them Mr. Anders Gravers who is a dear friend to, among other Pamela Geller. We have worked on a more sincere and tough stance on Islamism, seen from a democratic point of view. Perhaps this is something that would inspire the Republicans?

I a halfway in the translation of the book “The Freestate”, that connects pretty well with the philosophy of Mr. Clint Eastwood, it is a tough, freedom loving ideology that would work these days, where the enemies have changed.

Ayn Rand was a brilliant philosopher, but the problem of Rand is the simple fact, that there is no more a communist threat, in fact you guys won. The new threat comes from Islamism, and therefore the philosophy one would apply to counter that threat, is different.

At least, that is a way of seeing it. I will publish the book as soon as I am finished with it, hopefully this summer. If you need to speed up the process, you could think about sending over a translator. Just an idea.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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