Welcome to the pope

Congratulations Mr. Bergoglio with your new appointment as the head of the Catholic church, it is both a burden, and a huge challenge. We are so hard pressed we men of spirit, that it is like a fight uphill for all that we do, but there are sure signs of recovery.

The world changes, and one of the basic virtues of European culture is the fact, that we, as a culture are changing with the new realities around us. As Northern America has done now, as Russia is doing, as the Vatican church has been doing over the years, in the face of new obstacles to peace and the brotherhood of man.

I salute you, but I also know, that the burden you have put on your tried shoulders is huge. There is a huge crisis within the church itself, sectarian strife, internal disagreement and the lack of a common goal. This issue has to be settled first. Let the Curia know, that there is only one cause of any serious discussion; the mission of the unselfish, the path to redemption through sacrifice and not as an agent of a sectarian party. We need to shed the internal strife, and look at the world around us, the church of saint Peter must grip its own internal mission; to be honest, loving, caring. To be the champion of the poor, to help those who are in harm’s way, not to fight internally.

This done, and it can be done, if you chose to rally all the spiritual men under one banner; the banner of spirit. The banner of a renewed church, where the issues are not who has the most power, but who are willing to fight for the humane life.

You are lucky in the sense, that your predecessor the late Benedict paved a way for you. The fight the church has had with natural science is all but over. People do not realize this in earnest, but with the new Anaxagorean basis under the faith in G-d, there is no discrepancy between the world of spirit and the world of natural science. It has come together, so that when people say, that they think that believing in G-d is all fairy tales, and strange, well we can answer; we have a proof, and G-d is not dead anymore, G-d is alive.

This gives you a tremendous power, the ancient proof is given, and you can now rest assured and fight from a power base no one has been able to fight from before. In the long run, I believe, as this is my own mission as well, that the reemergence of spirit is the real mission. We need to convince people, that G-d is alive, and all the theology and metaphysics that we are in discussion on, is all true. The angels are there, in all probability, the dead do not disappear, but are taken into to spirit if they are not depraved and corrupt, the free will we have, is still and always will be our choice in between right and wrong.

As Theophrastus say; there is a small place in nature where good is; your mission is to open the gates of that small place, and let as many people in the world into it. Let your missionaries be the guard keepers, let your priest be the angels of mercy in the midst of that place. Always keeping in mind, that there such an immense landscape of evil surrounding that little precious spot. You shall be the valiant cherub at the gates of Eden, and there you shall remain to the end of your world affairs.

But, we need to realize, that this cannot be done behind closed walls, and in secret. There will need to be wandering priests again, who dare to go into uncharted territory, who risk their lives in the face of immense danger. Let them be your communication channel and your Ipad discussion forum; the barefooted priest of the idealistic youth. Now do not compete with Justin Bieber and his hamster; it is ridiculous. Be yourself, and fight with the humane heart of your best men.

We need to talk about Islam as well. There are some parts of it, that has made a pact with the dark prince, the fallen angel. We see his footsteps everywhere where they put their will to fight into practise. The raping of young girls as a method, the deception and lies as a fighting method, the darkness they enshroud themselves in, not to be revealed in their crimes against all who are weak. You have to realize, that they are in the grip of the evil side of man, the dark side. They are willing to sacrifice their own children to make a score in the international media, and they are fighting to oppress and deceive.

Now, there a physical fights everywhere, as is natural as the islamists collide with the law. This is the realm of the states. I believe, it should remain so. But there is another much more serious fight, and that is the fight of the hearts and the minds of people. Many islamists are actively recruiting prisoners, young men with little knowledge, naif girls. These young people are in harm’s way. Our states refuse to enlighten the methods and the real nature of the fighting methods of islamists and salafists. This is a huge failure of the states. The young girls and boys are at prey.

They should all have the opportunity to learn the hard facts of the islamists and how they work through deception and rape.

My good friend and lately deceased priest Rolf Sloth Henriksen used all the time he had besides his duties as priest to enlighten Islam. It earned him martyrship here in Denmark, he became an outcast. But I believe he was on to something. Jesus Christ is hailed as the redeemer of mankind, it is said that the light he projects will abandon all evil. This example is what propelled Rolf to try to shed light on the issues of Islam. I am still indebted to him. His books are an immense source of understanding. He was, in my mind a hero of light.

Let there be light in the world, because through light and truth will we conquer all who are to corrupt our world, and through light will we be redeemed as a tribe of man.

G-d bless the church of saint Peter.

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