New developments

The world has come to a turning point, and a very important of that. The deals that have been forged between the leading states of Europe together with The US and Russia creates a whole new state in itself, or at least a cooperative entity that is much larger and much more powerful than anything seen before on earth. The combined resources far outweighs any of its competitors.

It will be extremely interesting to see the effect of the Iranian peace deal in the next ten to twenty years. It will remake the history mankind.

Already some of the players that have been diligently playing on the antagonisms of the East vs. the West are in a bit of a trouble, we see it with North Korea, and soon with the Moslem Brotherhood. That is good for the world at large.

But, there is a huge but. Israel really lost in the negotiations. The deal that was cut with Iran was near to catastrophic for Israel. All the red lines, and the rhetoric, all the actions against Iran are all leading towards a nuclear free Iran, not an Iran with the near capabilities of making true atomic warheads. It is a huge loss of political capital Israel see these days.

I believe, it was too much of a loss. We need at strong and true Israel, not a weak and undefended.

Therefor, I lie all my best abilities at the footsteps of Israel. I will always try to protect you with all I have to do so. They say that the pen is stronger than the swords, let us hope that. At least this pen is at the service of Israel, and will always be.

I hope our near future is a better one, and there are good signs, but friendship and loyalty should never be for sale for the highest bidder, therefore I stand with Israel to the end.

G-d bless the peace we might win, and the land of the chosen people.

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