lightTo understand the problems of the West, we have to dig deep, and see through the magnifying glasses of the scientists. Most people do not understand why things are falling apart, the ethics of the society is in decay, some grasp for answers in places of no real interest. But let us have a look on the basis of our society, and see if we can come up with some answers and some questions.

Our perception of the world here in the West is based upon Mesopotamic ideas. These ideas were conveyed into Hellas via philosophers as Animaxander, and again conveyed into modern life through the work of Lucretius, the Roman poet who based his view on nature on the famous Athenian philosopher Epicure.

Epicure saw the universe as a huge Lego playground. Everywhere there are atoms that combine into complex structures. This theory is today the basis of atomic physics; Niels Bohr, Einstein and so on. Seen from a moral and a spiritual point of view, this system leaves the world as a very boring place. In his own time Epicure was also held in a bit of disregard because his ideas made a world of boredom. In his famous “gardens” epicurans roamed, with only the purpose to satisfy their own needs. Not sexual needs, as we concluded with Freud, but the need of friendship and study. In the view of Epicuranism there is no life after death, only the dissolvation of the atoms each person is build of.

In this view, it is a little funny, that Freud, the moral Epicure of our modern world focused so much on the soul, or the psyche, because this is exactly the element the human race lost with Epicure. There is no such thing as an eternal soul, the spark of God that the spiritual world belives is the soul, became the object of inquiry of the freudian epicuranism.

Now, when God leaves the equation, the light, the ethics, the meaning of life, the inspiration, the search for truth and beauty leaves as well. This is the problem of our world, the relentless epicuranism has taken away all what is beautiful and right in the modern world. Leaving us as empty sheaths with no real resilience against the evil of the world.

So to critisize the basic idea of Epicure, you have to critisize the foundation of his theory; atomic physics. It is true that atoms are here, it is logically correct, it has been proven beyond doubt by many scholars and scientist. But there is one riddle, that is yet to be solved, and this riddle undermines the entire system.

The riddle is the light. Light does not equate with the atomic theories. Because, what is light really? Is it atoms flying in an immense speed, well perhaps. Or is it waves into something, well perhaps. Einstein made a compromise he concluded that light is both atoms and waves. But then again, these atom/waves how do they float from other matter in the process of heat, and other biochemical processes, are they just minute atoms embedded in all matter? Well, that seems a little improbable.

It does not add up, and it puts a huge question mark to the entire system of atomic theory, maybe the Mesopotamians were not right, maybe they overlooked something.

Adding to this, light is, in the spiritual sphere the core of the theory. So the atomists have problems with the central spiritual principles, and vice versa.

An answer to question; what is light? Is therefor, in a very abstract sense, the solution to the problems of the western world, and perhaps the bridge between the classical egyptian ideology of enlightenment, and the classical mesopotamian ideology of atomic science.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    January 15th, 2010 at 09:22 | #1

    So you think that there is no afterlife? Well, think again.
    Only the truth matters, there are not any philosophy, religion or science greater than the truth.
    The following is a discourse concerning Soul Consciousness and how it relates to reincarnation. It is an excellent explanation of our origin and reincarnation that dispels many myths that people have about it. One particular myth is that people are forced to reincarnate immediately after death in the manner that some eastern religions teach. This myth is dispelled by many Near Dead Experiences, (NDE) testimonials which suggest that reincarnation is not bound by time nor is it necessarily a linear cycle. Time as we know it does not exist in the realm of the NDE. A Soul can spend an “eternity of eternities” in the realms after death before deciding to incarnate again.
    This source of answers to the mysteries of life has no unifying name for its body of knowledge. Various parts of its principal concepts are actually scattered throughout different cultures and countries with no central collection point for the ideas. Because of this, and because many of its ideas are not widely known (often the adherents of these ideas have purposefully withheld them from the public) this school of thought can be referred to as the real “secret teachings.” But it is not a single school of thought; rather, it’s a hodge-podge of concepts from many diverse and often unrelated sources that reveal a very similar view of life and its meaning.
    Let me stress here, that there are no more secret or hidden teachings, all secrets has been revealed, but much of it have not been found by the many who haven’t asked the right questions. The only secrets not yet available are the motives for the lies and deceptions you have all been told.
    Science might categorize the secret teachings as metaphysical, meaning “beyond the known laws and observations of physics.” Religion might refer to them as mystical, meaning that they belong to a collection of thought considered too mysterious to consider or of dubious origin.
    It’s interesting to note that the great religions had sects that knew of and ascribed to some or all of the secret teachings. In Islam it was the Sufis; in Judaism, the original Kabbalists, but not as it is presented now, in early Christianity the Gnostics, and later, from the middle Ages through the Reformation to even modern times, the many Christian mystics.
    Science, too, has had its adherents to concepts held by the secret teachings. Many quantum physicists have written about theories of life beyond the physically observable. In the field of medicine, doctors have found that some patients, who have been declared dead and later revived, have had near-death experiences that confirm many of the concepts found in the secret teachings.
    According to the secret teachings, the universe was not first created out of matter, but existed prior to material creation in spirit form. Imagine a Consciousness similar to our own, except that this first Consciousness was boundless, a Universal Consciousness. This is God. (Not religious).

    At some point, the Universal Consciousness desired to express itself. It began to conceive, to imagine and to express its inner promptings. And so the creation began – light, sound … eventually stars, galaxies etc. This was prior to the physical creation of the universe that science records. This was a realm of thought; no physical forms existed, only thoughts in the consciousness of the universe. The physical universe had not yet been created.

    According to the secret teachings, there came a point in this creation where the Creator’s Consciousness desired to bring forth companions, creatures like itself that would share in this expression of life. In order for the creatures to be more than creations, they had to possess individual Consciousness and freedom so that they could, if they would, choose to be loving companions and co-creators. Otherwise, they would only have been servants of the original Consciousness. So within the one Universal Consciousness many individual points of Consciousness were awakened and given freedom.

    It’s important for us to realise that at this point in our existence we did not have physical bodies. All of what has just been described occurred within the mind of God. Consequently, its form resembled that of thought rather than physical objects. In the very beginning we were individual points of Consciousness within the one great Universal Consciousness. At first we were quiet and our wills were content to observe the wonders of the spiritual creation as they flowed from the mind of God.

    In these early periods we were so much a part of the Creator’s Consciousness that we were one with it, virtually indistinguishable from it. However, it wasn’t long before some of us began to use our wills and express ourselves. At first, we simply imitated the Creator, but eventually we gained experience, and with experience came knowledge and confidence. Then we truly began to create on our own, adding new realms to the spiritual creation, much like a second voice adds to a song by singing harmony with the main melody. This was exactly why we had been created – to share in and contribute to the great expression of life and to be its loving companions.

    To fulfil this purpose we were created in the image of the Creator: Consciousness with freedom, capable of conceiving, perceiving and remembering, capable of communicating directly with the Creator and the other companions. Consciousness and free will were the greatest qualities given any creation, but they came with equally great responsibility for their use or misuse. Of course, the all-knowing universal One knew the potential dangers in giving beings complete freedom to do as they desired.

    However, the potential joy of sharing life with true companions, not servants, was deemed worth the risk. Therefore, each of these new free-willed beings would simply have to learn to take charge of them selves and to subdue harmful desires in order to live in harmony with the other companions and the creator. To do otherwise would only bring chaos, suffering and separation.

    Unfortunately, chaos came. As we continued to use our godly powers, we became more fascinated with them. We began to focus more and more on our own creations and became less concerned with and attentive to their harmony with the creator, with the whole. The more we thought of just ourselves and our own desires with less regard for the whole, the more self-centred we became, eventually perceiving ourselves as separate from the whole.

    Of course, this sense of separation was all in our minds, so of speak, because there really was no way we could exist outside the whole because everything was of the spirit (Life). It was more a result of our sustained focus of attention on ourselves and our self-interests that resulted in a heightened sense of a distinct and separate self.

    This was the beginning of trouble. It led to a very long fall for us, A fall that eventually left us feeling alone and separated from the rest of life. It continued to the point that we, who were actually loving companions of and co-creators with the Universal Creator, today come to think of ourselves as little more than dust-like creatures, descendants of apes and inhabitants of a planet on the outskirts of a typical galaxy in the endless and diverse universe.

    To know ourselves and yet be one with the whole was the ideal condition, but the centring of awareness on self alone resulted in a sense of separation from the whole. The more we exercised our individual consciousness and free will for self-interest, self-gratification, self-glorification, self-consciousness/intellect and self-righteousness, the more we heightened our sense of self apart from the whole.

    The resulting loss of contact with the source of our life and the purpose of our existence was the beginning of darkness and evil, which is ignorance of the universal laws and principles. Without a clear sense of our relationship to the rest of life, many of us began to use free will in ways that were never meant to be. Others simply let themselves be carried along with the current of life, abdicating their free will to the will of others. In both cases, these were things that would make it very difficult for us to be loving companions and co-creators of the Creator. However, the Creator foresaw this potential and, prior to creating companions, created a universal law – whatever one did with one’s free will; one self must experience the consequences of. (Also called Sowing and reaping or Karma).

    The law was not intended as punishment or retribution for offences, but as a tool for education and enlightenment. Thus, as we used our freedom, we experienced the effect, and came to understand and learn. Interestingly, both science and religion recognise this law. In science it is often stated that “for every action there is an equal and opposing reaction.” Its religious counterparts are “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”; “as you sow, so shall you reap”; and “as you do unto others, it will be done unto you.” Even today’s common knowledge expresses this principle in the saying “what goes around, comes around.” This is the law of karma, of cause and effect and accountability.
    It was, and is, the great teacher of the companions-to-be and it is an integral part of the teachings. Once this law was established, the Creator conceived and freed countless independent points of consciousness within its own infinite consciousness and, thus, the companions came into being, each conscious and free.

    What a trembling wonder it must have been in those first moments! Again, it’s important to realise that the companions were not physical bodies. They were like ideas in the mind of the Creator that were given freedom to be independently Conscious. As they (Souls) used their freedom, they developed into unique points of thought, feeling, desire, expression and memory. Each was slightly different from the other by virtue of its different vantage point within the Universal Consciousness.

    Each companion had spirit. They had mind and Soul. Spirit is the essence of life. Remember the condition of the creator before the creation; alive yet still. This is spirit. It is the living stillness in the midst of activity. So often we identify life with motion, but the essence of life was there before the motion. Spirit is the essence of life. Life in motion, or the power to move and shape ideas and even physical forms out of spirit, is mind. Mind is the sculptor, the builder who conceives imagines and shapes ideas out of the essence of life. Spirit is life; mind, the power to use it.

    Each of the companions had spirit and mind. As they used their life forces, they developed experiences, memories, desires, fears etc. This caused their uniqueness; each had its own collection of experiences and aspirations; each its own story. This individual aspect of the companion is its Soul. Soul is the sum total of all that the companion had done with its free-will Consciousness. It’s the companion’s story, its complex of memories.
    All of the companions have spirit (The life force) and mind, (Conscious awareness), but each developed a unique Soul, because each built a different collection of memories and experiences, resulting in different desires, hopes and attitudes about life. Thus, spirit is the life force, mind is the power to use it, and soul is the being that develops.

    The creation then progressed from essence to thought, thought to thought-form, and from thought-form to particle-form or atomic-form; in other words, matter. There are many realms to life. One of these realms is the third dimension – physical form as we know it today. The companions, filled with newly found Consciousness and freedom, went out into the vast universe to experience life and to learn about themselves, the creator and their relationship to it. In their travels through the universe, some of the companions entered the three-dimensional influences of Earth where they entered into physical form for the first time.

    Here they, as the first wave of Souls, became so encapsulated in the physical that they began to identify themselves more with their form than with their Consciousness. They began to think of themselves as physical entities rather than free, living consciousness. Incredibly, they began to think they were only earthly beings and their celestial origins began to be forgotten. Form was so substantial, so sensual, so captivating that it was difficult to hold on to the more delicate reality of spirit-thoughts, pure point of consciousness in a Universal Consciousness.

    To have an individual body of some sort was also the ultimate in self-identity and self-expression. It then had the power to separate the individual from the whole and the formless spirit-thoughts of higher realms. Strong identification with the physical made the companions subject to the laws of nature and, of course, that part of nature’s cycle, which is death. The body would come to life according to the laws of nature, live for a time, and then die.

    In their original state, the companions were continually alive, but those who began to strongly identify with their physical bodies were now affected by death. Since they thought they were their bodies, they considered themselves dead when their bodies died. This led to great confusion, and when those companions who had not become involved in the material universe saw what had happened to the others, they decided to help those in the flesh regain their former state of conscious awareness.

    However, it was not going to be easy. In addition to the influences of the physical dimension, the Souls were building reaction patterns (karmic patterns) with their wilful activities in the physical universe. According to Universal law, these actions had to be met – properly met in the physical universe where they had been initiated. The more one acted outside the Universal laws in the physical dimension, the more one built debts that had to be met in the physical. Death changed nothing except that those with karmic debts to be paid had to pay them by incarnating into another physical body. The result of this was reincarnation.

    Another effect of entering the physical dimension was the division of consciousness. According to the teachings, as an individual entered deeper into the physical, its consciousness separated into the three divisions of awareness.

    Two of these divisions most acknowledge today, the physical conscious and the subconscious. The first entails the physical realm where the human body requires a three-dimensional consciousness to function. It has become the part of our consciousness we are most familiar with, what we have come to call the physical conscious mind or intellect. Many would consider it to actually be the I, or me of ourselves. It is within this part of consciousness that we experience physical life, and our personalities are developed.

    The second part of consciousness is shadow-like while one is incarnate in the physical dimension. It lives life as a shadow, always there, listening, watching, remembering and making its profound and sometimes frightening presence known. We have come to call this part of our consciousness the subconscious mind. From this area come dreams, intuitions, unseen motivations and deepest memories. According to many teachings, the subconscious is the realm of the Soul that uses the conscious mind as a mechanism for manifesting in the physical realm through the five senses.

    Often the thoughts and interests of the conscious mind, combined with the desires of the body, become so strong and dominant that only its activities seem important and real; the subconscious seems illusionary and unrelated to outer life. But in truth, most of the real life memories occur in the subconscious.

    The third area of the now divided consciousness is the most universal. It is the part we can perceive and with which we can commune with the Universal Consciousness. We have many different names for it: the collective mind, the Universal mind, the collective unconsciousness and the, Super Consciousness, the Universal Consciousness, and Christ Consciousness, and Fully Conscious, etc. The more one’s attention moves into the physical, conscious mind/intellect, the narrower and limited the focus and awareness becomes, the lower the vibrational frequency. The more one moves toward the super-/Universal Consciousness, the more one becomes aware of the whole, the Universal Consciousness, the creator, the higher the vibrational frequency.

    It may be more difficult to perceive the infinite when one is grossly involved in the finite, but the Universal Consciousness and the potential for attuning oneself to it remains. Curiously, access to it is through the inner Consciousness of the incarnate individual and not outside of it, making it a very mysterious passage for physical beings using their free will.

    In time, however, the companions trapped in the physical dimension could again become aware of the difference between the physical and spiritual life. They could again come to know their original state and purpose, and regain their spiritual birthright of companionship and co-creators with the creator.
    In time they could come to realise that the conditions in their present physical life were the result of their free-will actions and choices before the present life. If the companions trapped in the physical dimension could genuinely begin to believe that the physical cannot possibly be all there is to life, they could begin the long journey back from form to spirit, a very difficult journey.

    In many ways we, as human beings, are no longer spirit. Flesh has become very much a part of us, not just physically but mentally as well. Even when we are out of the body (through death, deep sleep, or some altered state such as meditation), bodily manifestation is still very much a part of us.

    Otherwise, there would certainly be no reincarnation. We would simply leave the physical dimension and never return.

    The great paradox of humankind is that we are now both spirit and flesh. That’s like saying we are a combination of oil and water, two substances that do not combine. The mystical analogy would more properly be fire and water; these, too, don’t combine. How can anything be made up of two substances that are impossible to combine? Yet, such is the nature of humanity.

    We are constantly forced to reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable: mercy with justice, cooperation with independence, unity with diversity, tradition with change, feeling with thought, love with truth, and on and on. In order to fully appreciate the teachings, we need to understand how the universal law of cause and effect works. It’s easy to say that the experiences in one’s life are the result of past activities, but the forces of this law are greater than we may first imagine. Every action, every thought, every idle word sets up reactions, according to the universal law.

    When one thinks a thought, that thought makes an impression on the universal consciousness. Nothing is lost or done in secret. Everything is done within the universal consciousness, and the whole is affected by it (as well as all others within the whole).

    This isn’t easy for us to believe, living in our own little worlds. The words “secret”, “private”, “alone” and “separate” are active words in our vocabulary. This is due to our current separation in consciousness from the whole.

    In the higher realms of consciousness, there is no space. Things and people are not separate, but part of a whole. All is actually one. All is within the whole. By increasing the focus on self, we have created the illusion of a self separated from the rest of life, but it just isn’t so.

    Our individual actions and thoughts make an impact on the mind of the universal one (the whole). Thoughts are things. Thoughts are real.

    Reactions to past thoughts and actions become our faith, and are the force of our destiny and karma. An individual’s fate is simply the rebounding effects of previous choices remembered by its Soul. The reason the effects of these previous choices often seem unfair to the conscious mind is because the personality doesn’t see beyond its own life for sources of current conditions.

    As companions of God, we are free to live and choose and grow almost as we desire, but not without being subject to the universal, spiritual law. Through facing what we put out, by meeting our thoughts, actions and words we learn to discern wisdom from folly, lasting strength from weakness, and true life from illusion. In turn we become more able to fulfil our ultimate purpose for existing: to be a loving companion to and co-creator with the universal creator. The law is actually a magnificent tool for perfect learning. It is completely impersonal – everyone experiences it equally and for the purpose of enlightenment. The law of karma is not some fierce God in the sky keeping track of everything so that it can zap people when they least expect it. Most karmic reactions, in fact, come from the individual’s own deep memory of what it has done.

    Karma has been described as memory. Karma is memory coming to consciousness again. What has occurred in the past is recalled and has an effect on the present. Now, the recollection may not surface to the conscious level; the personality may have no awareness of the memory, in fact, yet it exists at the deeper, Soul level. The Soul sees through the same eyes as the personality and is reminded of its past use of free will and consciousness. Naturally, some of these memories will be compatible with the universal mind and some will not. Memory is an important concept in understanding how the law of karma works. As a Soul draws closer to the Universal Conscious mind, it becomes aware that some of its memories are not compatible with the creator, and since its ultimate purpose for being is companionship with the creator, it seeks out opportunities to resolve these incompatible memories.

    Suppose one Soul criticises another soul among its peers and behind its back. As it becomes more aware of its true nature, it will recall this wrong and, because of its incompatibility with the creator, will seek to correct it. Now, the resolution could take many forms. The soul might seek out an opportunity to work closely with the injured Soul as a supporter, assistant, publicist, agent or the like. Or perhaps it would seek to recreate the original scene – putting itself in a position to criticise the other soul again in front of the same peers. The test would be to see if the Soul would choose not to criticise this time, even if it meant a certain loss of position for itself. Throughout all this the Soul grows wiser and more compatible with the creator.

    If, however, a Soul has become so far removed from its true nature that it has no conscience, then the law of karma can become a formidable obstacle to any further free-will action. Such a Soul becomes surrounded by its karma; everywhere it turns, it meets the terrible effects of its previous action and thoughts. Yet, even a Soul in this pathetic situation can return to perfection because there is no total condemnation from the creator or the law. If the Soul turns away from its self-centredness and begins acting, reacting, thinking and speaking like a companion to the universe, then the law is just as perfect as it is with error; and the reactions begin to build and establish a new destiny for that Soul.

    Karma is memory. As one recalls or relives situations, one meets self again, and a new decision point or crossroad is presented to the Soul. In life, good would be equated with compatible, harmonious actions and thoughts that consider the needs and desires of others, along with self’s needs and desires. Evil would be equated with actions and thoughts that are motivated by a self-orientation that pays little or no attention to the needs and desires of others and the whole. Metaphysically speaking, good results in oneness, and evil results in a sense of separation. Free-will decisions in one’s life could be approached by evaluating which choices promote greater oneness and which promote separation.

    One must meet every bit of one’s karma. However, there is a way that it can be modified, softened, even ameliorated. If a Soul, knowing another Soul has wronged it, forgives that Soul and holds no lingering resentment – perhaps has even forgotten the wrong in the depths of its forgiveness and understanding – then it begins to take hold of the power of forgiveness. The more it forgives, the more it perceives and understands forgiveness. Then, when it approaches the Universal Consciousness and realises it possesses memories that are incompatible with it, forgiveness is much more viable, removing the barrier of separation. The law is so precise (what one gives one receives; no exceptions) that if one begins having mercy on and forgiveness of others, one begins to receive mercy and forgiveness upon oneself.
    Unless, of course, one refuses to forgive oneself. All of one’s karma has to be met. And yet, no Soul is given more than it can bear – this is the paradoxical blessing hidden in the limitations of time and space. A Soul is given the time it needs to turn away from its selfish ways and, like the prodigal son, return home to a feast of joy and welcome from our creator. Reincarnation is not a way to avoid judgment and responsibility; it is a way to allow the Soul enough time to correct its mistakes and develop itself.

    And now sadly, the individual consciousness cannot come to know itself, it’s God, its world, as long as most people are so busy trying to know all the trivialities of a physical world which they will soon be forced to leave anyway. (more to come)
    I bid you adieu.
    Cogito ergo sum (I am consciously aware, therefore I am).
    I am
    Rene’ Descartes.

  2. admin
    January 15th, 2010 at 13:44 | #2

    Dear Rene´ Descartes

    Thank you for your very thoughtful, and thorough discussion on the metaphysical theory. I agree on most points. The form of discussion can be a little different according to tradition and the flavour of the author. I really like the egyptian tradition conveyed through the hermetic litterature, the pythagorans and so on. The form somehow also is a part of the message. Take for instance the myth of Isis, it describes the metaphysical theory in a beautiful story line.

    There is however two points i really disagree with you. And that is firstly in the combination with politics. Metaphysical discussions unconnected to the real organizations methods of the world tend to do more harm than good. If you do not put democracy, rule of law and so on into the equation, you tend to guide the society in a direction that might not be wise.

    Let me give you an example. One og the geniuses of Socrates/Plato is the fact that they relly did combine democracy with metaphysics. The point that enlightentment is to be found in logos or speech gives a meeting point between metaphysics and politics. Yes we enlighten our souls by being a part of the Pleroma, yes there is a universial consciousnees. But the way we convey the connection is through speech, not contemplation. Therefor democracy is the most spiritual political form, because it sets a frame of dialogue giving a good frame for the universial consciousness to work.

    Then secondly another point one might consider. It is also important for metaphysics to respect the results of modern natural science. It should ideally combine politics, natural science and metaphysics in one unit.

    Thank you again for your comment, it was very good.

  3. Rene’ Descartes
    January 16th, 2010 at 05:51 | #3

    Hallo Asger
    Thank you for your kind responce and enlightentment. My view of democracy is not good, being a quasi republican, or more specific a quasi compainer as you shal se in this sacastic script. I simply cannot give any credit to neither politic, science or relgion, since they are saturated to the core with, let’s call it mismanagement, the human factor. Truth, life and love is my destiny
    Democracy Sucks??
    In my opinion, Democracy Sucks. Democracy by definition is Mob rule, the majority Mob. The vote of the majority, right or not so right, is not necessarily the best kind of governance. What is good, helpful, right and fair in our society is not the issue. Who the best and most capable person are, is clearly irrelevant. Whatever talents the political candidates have, or doesn’t have, is of no importens. God forbid if they speak the Truth. So, democracy sucks. Originally Democracy was supposed to be 100 sheep deciding where the best grazing was, or anything else they had in common. Now it has become 5 wolfs and 95 sheep deciding what’s for dinner. So Democracy Sucks. Our election system is supposed to be representative and democratic, but is it? Well not anymore. Democracy is just weak people hiring strong people to boss them around and steal their money and make all their decisions for them.
    Fifty-one percent can establish a totalitarian rule in government, if they choose, and sadly do so in many places. They can totally suppress minorities and still remain so-called democratic. How are you supposed to stop this kind of power euphoria and misuse by some individuals who apparently can’t handle their authority. And trust me; it is not going to stop there. Human beings clearly appear to get crazy drunk on power.
    In a Republic for an example, who is “the country?” Is it the Government which is for the moment in the saddle? No it isn’t. The Government is merely a servant- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its or his prerogative to determine what is right and what isn’t, and decide who is, and who isn’t (whatever). Its function is to obey the orders, (The will of the people), not originate the orders. Democracy is NOT supposed to be like Capitalism or Poker where “The winner takes all”.
    In a Constitutional Republic with proportional representation, where only the voting system is democratic, all people have guarantied and recognized rights. In a simple democracy like in Denmark you only have privileges your elected leaders can remove at their whim. I believe that our elections has gone the way of the dodo, the pearls was clearly thrown before pigs. Just look around and see how unsuspecting people get sucked into all kind of things, and they don’t even know that they have been had. The political, administrative and financial mess in our country is in at present, is so gigantic, that the problems do not stand a change to be solved with the kind of thinking that created those problems. What the people are missing from their representatives are Humility, sacrifice, service, selflessness, clear thinking, ethics, humbleness, social ethics and morals, a proven track records, and already successful private affairs. (In other words, have proven that they are capable of doing the job they hope to do for the public). Even a simple I.Q. test would be revealing, wouldn’t it. If any, we need capable people, we simply don’t want any more ambitious un-successful, greed motivated, in-capable and power hungry people. Elections are supposed to be an honest attempt for good service-minded people to cooperate with humility amongst the socially un-equal. Democracy really sucks, doesn’t it?
    An other sarcastic person once said “who-ever vote for the winning candidate can be blamed for everything”. We vote for one reason only, to elect our own representatives. The stats ministers offices, has now become the only offices to take responsibility for our country and for its up-liftment, it was not meant to become some kind of ceremonial office for a local executive Cheerleader whose sole purpose seems to be the private gain of his friends at the public’s expense – nor was the office mend to be a place to be protected from criminal charges by a bunch of underlings. The politicians have truly fouled their own nests, drunk in their own Power. We the people are not mushrooms; we are not in the dark, and we don’t accept the yak dung.
    I am (happy, after all):)
    Rene’ Descartes

  4. Rene’ Descartes
    January 16th, 2010 at 08:26 | #4

    Sorry, I was just in a bad mood, so here is a more positive explanation.
    Democracy is dieing, and here is why:
    Please take a moment and wrap your mind around this.
    We can’t search for truth, fight for a fair society, protect minority interests, shed light on injustice, without having open and robust debate, without having a free press, and without having free expression tucked into our back pockets, in case we need it. Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game, Free speech is life itself. The oxygen of free societies is freedom of speech. Everything short of incitement has to be tolerated, even when it is wrong. The Government…both in its genesis and by its primary intention, is purely anti-social. It is not based on the idea of natural rights, but on the idea that the individual has no rights except those that the government may provisionally grant him. But actually, we have plenty of rights in this country, provided you don’t get caught exercising them. We have similar examples in ancient Greece and Rome: Instances of the people losing their liberty by their own carelessness and the greed and power ambition of a few.
    I look upon Democracy as the most fatal plan that could be possibly be conceived to enslave free people.
    Instead of being a protector of man’s rights, the government is becoming their most dangerous violator; instead of guarding freedom the government is establishing indirect slavery; instead of protecting men from the initiators of physical force, the government is initiating physical force and coercion in any manner and issue it pleases; instead of serving as the instrument of objectivity in human relationships, the government is creating a deadly subterranean reign of uncertainty and fear…in most countries, instead of protecting men from injury by whim, the government is arrogating to itself the power of unlimited whim – so that we are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force. The clearest picture of most democratic governments is a cop, clad in black, with a baton raised over the head of some objector. Just look in politiken yesterday. Criminals are a small minority in any age or community. And the harm they have done to mankind is infinitesimal when compared to the horrors – the bloodshed, the wars, the persecution, the famines, the enslavements, the wholesale destruction – perpetrated by mankind’s different democratic governments. Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights – When unlimited and unrestricted by individual rights, a government is mankind’s deadliest enemy.
    To be Governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. Weak people accept others do not. To be Governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.
    What, then, do they (Us Humans) want a government for? Not to regulate commerce; not to educate the people; not to teach religion; not to administer charity; not to make roads and railways; but simply to defend the natural rights of man – to protect person and property – to prevent the aggressions of the powerful upon the weak – in a word, to administer justice. This is the natural, the original, office of a government. It was not intended to do less: it ought not to be allowed to do more
    The great political superstition of the past was the divine right of kings. The great political superstition of the present is the divine right of Governments. People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should much rather be afraid of the people! The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and under-nourishment. Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while, the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem. Democracy is supposed to be all about free speech and free thought. Freedom is freedom and there is no such thing as just a little bit of freedom. Just as with pregnancy, you can’t be a little bit. Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are the very essence of liberty, freedom and a free society. It is the fundamental backbone of democracy…where open debate is not only encouraged, it is essential. Where respect is not earned, do not respect it. The demand for respect in the absence of a reason to warrant respect is plain tyranny. Freedom is not the jurisdiction of the Government to give or take as they see fit. Freedom is a gift from God, as are the rights to liberty, freedom of thought and freedom of speech and inquiry. No nation has the right to take away what was not theirs to give in the first place.
    In Denmark dissent is clearly stamped upon – not least because, when deviant behavior becomes viewed as normal, normal behavior inevitably becomes treated as deviant.
    When those who prove constantly that they have no morals, no ethics, no competence, no honor, no honesty, no character tell me how to think, live, speak, I think I will stick with God. I think I know what side He is on.
    The unfathomable chaos, injustice and the rapid retreat from reason we see everywhere, and which has resulted in the bewilderment and demoralization of most democratic nations has had to be planned and orchestrated. We can extrapolate creatively from data, but cannot prophesize wild cards, such as acts of God, acts of nature, or acts of man that can only be described as ‘schemes undreamed of.’ Forgive me if I get a bit indelicate here, but to that I simply say: Get over it! This sense of entitlement the government officials have, with their precious “identities” entwined with their big spending habits is a sham. It’s disgusting.
    In this arena, the majority does not see intelligence, courage, honor, decency, skill, as great things. They speak of these in glowing terms, yes, but the reality is just the opposite. Your worth is decided strictly, by the resources you have at your beck and call, and how many worshippers, clones and mindless thralls you have sloshing saliva in your path at the moment. The naive neophytes are fed upon by hungrier, slicker fish who lie, and think of nothing other of their own self-aggrandizement, no matter what the cost to anyone else. Who will take them for everything they are worth and go home and eat fabulous dinners and sleep quite well?
    Independently creative thought is generally at a minimum. Raw recruits sit back, read their prepared daily briefs, and follow the included orders from the bigger fish. The reptilian brain by and large, runs the show here. I’m talking about the malevolent, cutthroat world of top politicians and their old boy’s network?
    I see this grotesque attitude permeating in what should be the nexus point for the kindest, the wisest, and the toughest. What really should be a gathering place for the best of the best? But instead I see constant desperate struggles, by the so-called awakened just as in the world of so-called sheep, to try to grab power over others and see themselves as better than everyone else around them.
    I see instead of dynamic individual minds who are so in speech and in deed joining ideas, instead of easily infiltratable groups, just innocent lambs waiting to be eaten by the next Government agent with a fancy, cleverly worked out website and a loud enough voice booming with fake intensity. I finally came to the conclusion that to wake up many politicians, they would need to be locked up in prison to get them to sit down, shut up, listen and think. Focus on the reality rather than the inane and asinine, or run off at the mouth without putting the brain in gear. God never holds up high the despicable among us. On the contrary, God seems to make sure that such people are crushed one way or another. They self-destruct and I am seeing plenty of that going on right now in politic here locally, as well as all over the world. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and causes me to tremble for the safety of our country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the democratic country is destroyed.
    I perceive my civic challenge as some vast, insoluble Rubik’s Cube. Behind each problem lies yet another, and another, ad infinitum. To fix crime we have to fix the family, but before we do that we have to fix welfare, and that means fixing our budget, and that means fixing our civic spirit, but we can’t do that without fixing moral standards, and that means fixing schools and churches, and that means fixing the slums, and that’s impossible unless we fix crime. There’s no fulcrum on which to rest a policy lever. People of all ages sense that something huge will have to sweep across the world before the gloom can be lifted – but that’s an awareness we suppress. As a nation, we’re in deep denial. – The party’s over, it’s time to de-frock all the participants and discover what they have really been doing. Anecdotal evidence is mounting that democracy is something of a façade as it is. I hope that these facts are disturbing to you, to say the least. As a practical thinker, one not overly prone to emotional decisions, I have a choice: I can either believe what the objective pieces of evidence tell me (even if they make me cringe with disgust); I can believe what history is shouting to me from across the chasm of six and a half decades; or I can hope I am wrong by closing my eyes, having another Cognac, and ignoring what is transpiring around me.. I choose to believe the evidence. No doubt some people will scoff at me; others laugh, or think I am foolish, naive, or both. To some degree, perhaps I am. But I have never been afraid to look people in the eye and tell them exactly what I believe-and why I believe it. Fallibilism is the philosophical doctrine that all claims of knowledge could, in principle, be mistaken. Then again, I could be wrong about that. I pray I am wrong, but I do not think I am. Only in Politic do people think freedom is freedom to lie, steal, connive, cheat, plunder and wreck the lives of others just to be successful in terms of money and power. Only in Politic is freedom so taken for granted that freedom to be a criminal is now passé. Only in Politic do self-professed Christians worship money and materialism before God and, sadly, do not know the difference. What fell in through the roof due to fraud and what comes as manna from Heaven is not the same thing, but now I see far more of the circumstance of ‘an accident looking for a place to happen’.
    In Dante’s writings he cited the seven deadly sins as being: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. Those seven words alone sum up the demise of what was could have been a great nation. We as a nation of people and the corrupt leadership we put into office have violated those seven deadly sins so many times it is incredible to me that most individuals can and will sit still for it, just like a herd of cowardly sheep busily munching the grass and not paying attention to the realities going on. The opposite of lust is chastity. The antonym of gluttony is temperance. The opposite of greed is charity. The antonym of sloth is diligence. The opposite of wrath is patience. The antonym of envy is kindness. The opposite of pride is humility.
    No leaders, no solutions, no answers can arise from the cacophony of babbling fools, many of whom have not a single damned clue what they are talking about. Silence is the virtue of a fool but in politic the opinions and lack of cohesion to a purpose are also signs of a nation that has no plan to fix what is wrong. It seems to me that you have to be honest to see the truth. If you are not honest then your perspective is skewered by your dishonesty and denial. This is why they can’t tell the truth and why a certain portion of the public can’t believe the truth. Every day the magnitude of the lies and the dreadful behavior of the few are being seen more widely and more deeply. The public should demand the frequent use of the hangman’s noose that ought to be used on those that have so abused the public’s trust over the decades. Now, when politicians or government agency heads fail, they just collect their booty and leave office to write their books and plan their next parasitic adventure. The people pay the bill, suck-it-up and move on with only the slimmest of hope that the next creature will not just be a repetition of what had gone before. In almost every case what the public ‘got’ was an even greater set of criminals at a huge increase in the costs for their crimes, in which the offenders have never been forced to face any real consequences, because as long as they are not charged or convicted they are free to re-invent themselves again and return to the public troughs for an ever- increasing share of the public’s hard-earned money.
    Most people lack the capacity to search for truth and cope rationally with our mounting social and economic ills. They seek clarity, entertainment and order. They are willing to use force to impose this clarity on others, especially those who do not speak as they speak and think as they think. All the traditional tools of democracies, including dispassionate scientific and historical truth, facts, news and rational debate, are useless instruments in a world that lacks the capacity to use them. So Democracy will fail, I think. The question you should ask is, what will be the next evolution in politic? More about that some other time. And now that the testosterone has relaxed its grip, I am left scratching my bald-ness and wondering why? I just had to get it of my chest!!!!
    I am
    Rene’ Descartes

  5. admin
    January 16th, 2010 at 12:15 | #5

    Dear Rene´

    Thank you again for some very nice thinking. I absolutely agree on most points. And I must say that some of the trends you describe are echoed here in Denmark. It is a stench, a vile stench emananting from the streets, the choices of the girls in favor of material needs instead of spiritual. Just moral decay, everywhere.

    You know, here in Copenhagen, a beautiful city, ancient. It has been raped, and the girls here are molested on a daily basis. And everybody here are in stark denial. I initiated a discussion on this subject, by an interview just before Christmas. And a great part of the media elite fell over me and the person I interviewed as demons from a dark rank place. Why? Because I had the nerve to say in a mediaframe what everybody knows, but no one dares to say in public. Because of cowardice and denial.

    I remember a few years ago I was in Salvador, the capital of the brazilian state Bahia. I had this weird feeling. Something was wrong. The city itself was quite beautiful, and nice with cobbled streets, but one evening I realised why I had terrible feeling about the place. With some friends I was sitting at a cafe in the centre of the city. It was around 8 p.m. and there was a lot of buzz. I just had this feeling, and then a small boy came over to me. He offered himself at a low price. In the beginning I did not understand what he ment, but then I realized that he was offering his own body, a small boy. I just could not take it anymore, and a fled out to the sea in some tourist place.

    This was just human corruption at its worst, offering small kids to the tourists.

    I have the same feeling in Copenhagen these days. The young girls are acting like prostitutes, prostituting themselves to the muslim immigrants. Not all, but a suprisingly large portion of them. Perhaps for the girls it is just a game, or it is insecurity, or it is the hip hop etichs, I do not know. But I know that something is wrong. The stench is everywhere and it is terrible.

    On top of this, there are all the rapes done by mostly muslim immigrant boys. It is not as perverted as it is in Sweden and Norway where the state and the media bureuacracy is in absolute denial. You know what they do in Norway? The immigrant boys they follow the young girls as shadows in the night. When they lock themselves into their apartment, the boys attack them, push them into their apartment and rape them. Sometimes it is a gang of five boys. These actions are almost condoned by the official Norway, at least nothing is done.

    Can you imagine the tension that is build up in Norway? The norwegians are still vikings, and they will erupt like volcano if nothing is done to stop this.

    So yes i know the corruption of democracy, and I smell the foul stench everyday. It is disgusting.

    Then again, we have to plan ahead, somethíng has to come after the demise of this abomination of rule. There are different systems to be inspired by; aristocracy, communism, democracy, rule of law, and so on.

    The problem with the current system is ethical corruption, as we agree. So inherent in the system, there is a flaw, the personal ethics is abandoned in the system. Why? I think it is because the law, or the justice of the rule of law is a very technocratic system. Laws are produced by a body of legislators and is wheeled through a bureaucratic system. As a consequence, the law is a dead and boring thing to most people. They do not consider it anything worth discussion.

    The law has to be a thing that is important to everyday life. That is why I like the principles of the Free State, here the government and the ruling of the people is as decentralized as possible. It also carries an important aspect of competition on a political level, a function that will bring the best and the brightest into the fray.

    On top of this, there is the law stone, the stone where people can swear oaths. This function brings the law close to people. We still have some traces of the system in our unions in Denmark, and it is cool, it works.

    The practical implementation in the world as we have it today, with internet and all that, is something of a discussion. But at least, it is a much better system that what we have now. The Roman/Athenian style democracy is a bad idea, it should never have been implemented in the first place. The Romans tried it and it failed. As it does again.

    Here is some discussion about the Freestate system in english. It is not really in depth, but it can give an introduction to the system:

    And yes, it is nice to get something off your shoulders, especially in these days.

    Thank you for your comment, it was good.

  6. Rene’ Descartes
    January 17th, 2010 at 06:55 | #6

    What is lost in soceity is humility, and arrogance has become dominent, arrogance is selfisness at its worse and let me tell you why. You cannot really learn unless you are humble. Period. You cannot grow unless you are humble. Period. To be humiliated, which is often looked at as a “bad” thing is actually a great goodness. Being appreciated, given attention to, glorified, praised – those are harmful to humility. Humiliation could be the greatest gift someone could give to you. To be willing to be a fool, and to really see and admit mistakes, and shortcomings, is what makes true greatness in anything.
    Humility is the opposite of being egotistical, or self-centred, or arrogant, or feeling superior. It is the way of true love, being receptive to God, surrendering to the Universal Spirit, the Universal Will, flowing, and being in harmony with the Universe. Humility is the most endearing and beautiful quality. It is the most important quality you could ever have, either as a student, or as a true teacher serving God.
    To a person who lags humility, ‘appearing’ to ‘be right’ is more important than actually ‘being right’ (which might require admitting making a mistake in order to correct one self so they can actually be right) A person who is humble, doesn’t ‘personally’ or ‘selfishly’ care if they are right or wrong, they are just concerned with being right for the sake of helping others, thus they are more often right than wrong, and will more quickly correct mistakes if they find they are wrong.
    They also seek perfection in the service of God, and welcome criticism of others, so that they may help correct mistakes they have missed.
    Having the ‘attention’ of others, is also important to those who lack humility.
    Ego-ism, Self-centeredness, pride (in the sense of being personally proud), and its close relative, vanity, are the opposite qualities of humility. The egotistical and self-centered person wants to control everything ‘his or her way’, and sees his or her self as the most important thing there is – and the thing which all other things, and all other beings, revolve around. The prideful person wants credit for their accomplishments.
    The humble person attributes all of their successes, capabilities and accomplishments, to simple facts of reality, or God working through them, rather than to their own prideful abilities.
    The person who gives importance to physical appearances also doesn’t understand the beauty of humility.
    Rather than the egotistical and selfish attitude of the separate self, which is one of being a great mountain, humility is having an attitude of being a receptive little valley. Nature wears down the great mountain, and fills the valley with rich topsoil, lakes, and abundance. Thus a person who is truly humble, and in need, cannot be passed by, and is made great by God.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. A cup must be empty before it can be filled. A humble person, who is not full of their own self-centered thoughts and information, is able to be filled with wisdom from the Universal Spirit.
    A person with a humble attitude, learns very quickly, adapts to situations easily and quickly, ‘flows’ with whatever changes presented to them by life or people, and can communicate and relate to others better than anyone else. Why? Simply because they ‘get out of their own way’. They get their ‘self’ out of the way of dealing with the rest of the world and reality. Thus, their separateness doesn’t wall off their openness to others, or anything in life, nature, or the Universe.
    Rather than putting time and energy into ‘themselves’, or defending themselves or their ideas, they keep an open mind and consider the input of others. They also don’t wall off their own unselfish love and compassion for others.
    Often, people, like animals, will seek to establish a ‘pecking order’ amongst other people. Everyone wants to consider themselves more evolved or ‘higher’, than the other. Generally, the ones that are most concerned with this are the least humble, and thus the least evolved. Jesus emphasized this at the last supper. It was the custom to wash the dust of a guest’s feet, but the apostles were all too ‘important’ to lower themselves to wash the other’s feet.
    So Jesus did it, shocking them, and driving home the important point of humility, reminding them that, ‘the greatest among you would be the servant to all’.
    In the end, those who make it their priority to be ‘number one’ will be the last, and those who’s priority is to be humble, will be number one (and not care whether or not they are number one). The lag of humility is exactly what killed traditional Religion.
    Their arrogance and self-importens became self-destructive and apparent to even ignorant people. That is why the churches are failures and mostly empty. They have wasted 2000 years of opportunities to enlighten mankind due to their self-righteousness.

    Compiled by Rene’ Descartes

  7. Asger Trier Engberg
    January 17th, 2010 at 16:24 | #7

    As everything else, pride and humility has to find a balance. The critisizm of Nietzsche of Christianity is exactly that: Christianity, by being too humble and too feminine makes a world without any progress.

    Things have to find a balance between the opposites.

    As there is strife and love, there is pride and humility as two interwoven entities.

    The problem of our western civilization, or one of the problems, is too little pride. We have to stand back, and be proud of ourselves, our nations and the people we are part of. Not because of egoism, or selfinterest, but because we need to meet the world on a base that is healthy. It is unhealthy to be selfhating, as much of the current academia and media is.

    The difficulty is to be both humble and proud at once. Pride will impede your learning skills, humility will impede your figthing skills. We need to be proud and humble figthers at once.

    How do we attain that? By following the truth of dialogue and spirit, because in this we are humbled, and yet fighting because the truth is so incredibly difficult to find and disperse into society.

  8. Rene’ Descartes
    January 18th, 2010 at 06:59 | #8

    Thank you Asger for your input.
    Pride is a trap as I see it, and let me tel you why.
    Consciousness, the real scoop.
    Many people write and talk about consciousness as if all their readers and listeners know exactly what Consciousness really is, or what it means. Just like when a priest says that you have a Soul that can go to heaven or hell. Well, most people don’t have a clue of what Consciousness is, or what a Soul is. Do they?
    If you ask 100 people what they think Consciousness or Soul is you will get 100 different answers. Most people don’t even know what they really are. Sad, isn’t it?

    We stress that this short script is not about New Age or Religious mumbo-jumbo, it’s about the reality, logic and reason, and unfortunately we had to use some religious phrases, words and terminology, but only to help you grasp the big picture better.

    So, here is the real scoop.
    Consciousness and Life goes hand in hand. If you are alive you are consciously aware to a degree, and if you are consciously aware, at whatever level, you are alive. Your Consciousness, is your level of understanding, awareness, insight and grasp.
    It has been called many things throughout history and time.
    This is what you really are; you are not the primate body you look at in a mirror with a tie or a mini skirt, you are pure Conscious awareness and life.
    Some people have more insight and understanding of this, some have less. The basis of all Consciousness is Life, and when Consciousness leaves your body, it dies. Without life, there is no Consciousness. Both Life and Consciousness are ‘eternal’. (Has always been, will always be).

    There are three basic levels of mankind’s conscious mind; this is not three separate conscious minds, but more like three levels or layers of awareness of the one universal consciousness. And life permeate all three layers totally.
    The three levels are: 1. Physical consciousness/intellect; 2. Sub consciousness; and 3. Universal Consciousness.
    Let us define each.

    (Also called the separate selfish self, and Brain-power)
    The physical conscious mind is the level with which we are most familiar. It is the level within which our personality and three-dimensional self develops and has much of its activity.

    The physical, conscious mind, also called intelligence and intellect, is the accumulation of what has been learned in this life, even if you don’t understand it, or your learning was wrong. It is accumulated and stored in memory cells in the brain of your primate body. This is a primate brain with a twist. It is all the knowledge your intellect possesses, but it is not the wisdom to use that knowledge in righteousness and with love. (‘Wisdom’ is the old Biblical word for truthful and helpful information from the higher Consciousness)

    The physical, conscious mind/intellect is dependent upon the activity experienced by our senses. All the sensory inputs directly influence your intellect and physical conscious mind. The conscious mind is good at focusing on details, discerning the finer facts of one pattern from another. It is capable of focusing on something in particular and ignoring what surrounds it. And when we focus our attention, we are performing an act of separation, saying yes to what we want to attend to and no to everything else. The conscious mind is the mind of sense discrimination.

    All misunderstandings, superstitions and erroneous thoughts are part of your intelligence, or lack thereof. We get it (our intelligence) from our life experiences, books, conversations, TV, the world around us etc.

    The biggest problem with physical consciousness/intellect, in the brain, is that it can be polluted very easily with misinformation, no information, superstitions and lies, but worst of all, chemicals which impair the memory and function of the grey mush. If you, for example, brush your teeth with fluoride, your brain short circuits somewhat, you will get attention deficit disorder to a degree and you simply won’t be able to figure things out as easily any longer. The same happens with MSG, Aspartame and all forms of vaccinations.

    When you can’t think clearly, or when your brain has been made to not think clearly with chemicals, then you regress.

    The intellect can only look at, and find, potentials and possibilities of all your experiences and input, and can only work within the available physical capabilities of your brain, but from this physical experience only.

    You must also be concerned with your physical, conscious thoughts, and redirect them if needs be. To do that, you need to use your free will. Your thoughts, right or wrong, truth or lies, are also registered in your subconscious. The twist is that many of your thoughts surface from your subconscious without your consent.

    Your physical conscious mind and intellect contain your personality, which will die when your body does. But your individuality, which is of the Soul, will continue through many experiences.

    Physical consciousness and intellect is what separates each of us from the other. It is physical in nature and is situated in the brain. Only that which was registered in your subconscious memory will survive. Your physical consciousness was symbolised by the outer court in the Temple of Solomon. (Solo-man = Only-man).

    The subconscious mind is that part of our mind that bridges the outer self and the spiritual self. The subconscious is both in the body through the autonomic system, and beyond the body in the soul’s realms of telepathy, non-physical life and timelessness. This subconscious mind is the mind of the Soul. As the mind of our outer self is the conscious mind (intellect) and that portion containing slivers of our personality, so the subconscious mind contains our developing individuality, which is our true self.

    The subconscious mind is subjective, while the conscious mind is objective. Our conscious mind focuses on external appearances. Its world is the objective reality of the senses.

    The subconscious mind accepts internal appearances. What seems true to us from a subjective viewpoint is reality to the subconscious. While objective reality seems to be the master of the conscious mind, the subconscious is the servant of our subjective reality.

    Your subconscious controls all automatic, physical reactions and systems in your body such as heartbeats, breathing etc. It is specific in its information; everything is either black or white, on or off, good or bad etc. In fact, it is something like a mindless robot; it only obeys and understands things literally. It doesn’t figure things out, interpret or know what you mean. It is also where the memory of your lifetime of many experiences are stored, and includes superstitions, beliefs, errors, misconceptions etc. So, it is somewhat like a garbage bin.

    The subconscious mind is very powerful, and constantly gives you impulsive reactions and a continuous stream of thoughts. These can include strong impulses for your emotions, likes, dislikes, hate, fears and already formed decisions and judgments, ideas, and physical actions of all kinds, like temper tantrums which are just one example of those physical emotional impulses. Most of what is in your subconscious mind has not been programmed by you, and would not have been your choice if you knew that you could choose. Whether thoughts or emotional promptings, they pass unnoticed from your subconscious into your physical, conscious awareness.

    The subconscious mind does remember its past experiences but, as you shall see, (below) there is a very good reason why the conscious mind is spared that rather dubious privilege.

    Your individuality is part of your subconscious mind, and continues after your body dies. The subconscious mind is connected to and is part of all other subconscious minds. It is also your dream domain, is metaphysical in nature and continues when the body dies. It symbolises the inner court in the temple of Solomon.

    The Universal Conscious mind, by some called the super-Consciousness or the Christ Consciousness, is a very important concept to grasp. It is that awareness that exists within each and every Soul. It is the pattern imprinted on the mind, waiting to be awakened by the free will, of the Soul’s oneness with the creator. This awareness is ingrained, or pre-built into the mind, and when awakened by the right use of free will, the person realises his oneness with the universal mind.

    This Universal Consciousness, works something like an instinct? It is already there inside us; it just takes the right stimulus to bring it out. It is the same with the Universal Consciousness.

    The Universal Conscious mind in all of us is the portion made in the image of the Creator, as recorded in Genesis. It is that portion of us that is godlike. The Universal Conscious mind is separate from anything earthly, and only makes its presence known or is knowable when the soul-self lifts itself and portions of the conscious mind up into the vast, expansive level that is the Super-Conscious. If we want to awaken the imprinted pattern of that awareness, we just need the right stimulus. In this case, the right stimulus is the application of our free will in a specific way, by being unselfishly kind and loving. And this is what is so hard for most people. This is what we want from and expect of other people, but we seldom like to do it ourselves.

    The Universal Consciousness is a soul pattern that exists within each soul because all souls, including the Christ soul, were created in the same mould. The Christ Consciousness, incidentally, was created as a pattern for all others. The Christ soul never forgot its oneness with the creator, yet voluntarily went through cycles of incarnations and got lost in materialism. It did this to be able to Consciously find its way back to a conscious relationship with the Creator. The Universal Consciousness symbolises the Holiest of Holies in the Temple of Solomon.

    Soul is the developing portion of our whole nature. It is ever changing, growing and learning, and uses free will to explore, create, test, discover and more. Soul is the ultimate companion to the creator, a true companion, because it has the free will to choose whether to be a companion or not. The soul is also uniquely able to bridge the gulf between the spiritual realms and the physical realms, between our divine, godly self and our earthly self-consciousness. The mind of the soul is the subconscious. It may operate independently of the Universal Consciousness of the Creator. (At least, it is allowed to think it does. After all, there is no way to actually be outside of the whole) Or, it may act in harmony and conscious at-oneness with the Universal Consciousness.

    It may be easier for you to understand Universal Consciousness if you first understand Separate Consciousness, which is what physical consciousness/intellect also is. You will then at least have an idea what Universal Consciousness is not. And you will be able to relate more to, and understand, Separate Consciousness-because that is what you have right now.

    Let’s begin with one of the fundamental effects of separate consciousness, a person’s individual, separate point of view. We’ve all heard phrases like “From where I sit ….”, or “Walk a mile in my shoes…” etc. These are common references to the significance of having separate and different points of view. A person’s point of view can mean two things viz. 1) literally the point from which a person sees things or 2) a person’s opinion. A person’s opinion is based on a combination of #1 and the person’s programmed beliefs. Let’s first look closer at #1, the point aspect. Most individuals have a limited point of view dictated by the very fact that they are separate individuals.

    They each see things from a different place, a different point; and they only see from their separate individual place. There are as many places that a person will see from as there are people. The trouble is that seeing from one place only doesn’t allow you to see the whole picture, or the big picture. This example, of course, is not one of even seeing things with universal consciousness – seeing from a universally broad point of view. However, in a small way, having a point of view that is as broad as possible allows us to better perceive reality, to see more truth.

    A broad point of view can help us better understand others; better understand the world, and ultimately the entire universe. If our point of view is broad enough, we are better able to understand other points of view. We can then more easily communicate or interact with others and vice versa. The broader the reader’s point of view, the more he will perceive what is really written (within limits). But still, it will affect the subconscious, and the inner being in each reader. And it may affect the consciousness of those with fertile ground for the seeds. Yet, it goes both ways.

    When we talk about the state of a person’s consciousness, we are essentially talking about the state of his awareness of the world around him. And as such, a person’s consciousness is directly related to the way he views, interprets, understands and interacts with everyone and everything around him. A person’s point of view is affected by both the state of his consciousness, and his beliefs and programming.

    Beliefs and programming are usually in sync with a one’s level of consciousness. However, consciousness is dominant, and if there is a shift to a higher or lower state, the new consciousness can alter and override one’s beliefs and programming in order to match the new level of consciousness. Every human being is obviously an individual self. And most people are both conscious that they are an individual self, and believe that their individual self is separate from other people and everything else in the universe. Thus, people generally have separate self-consciousness, and live their lives based on this consciousness. So it is self-consciousness that creates separate consciousness.

    With regard to a point of view, having separate self-consciousness means having a point of view that is limited to seeing things from only one place, the place where the separate self is at. This can mean seeing things from an actual physical point of view that is limited to just the place where the person is located, or it can mean seeing things from a point of view that’s limited by the person’s beliefs and programming. In any case, when a person has separate self-consciousness the point of view is very limited and the perspective is narrow.

    There are varying degrees of narrow-mindedness of course, but even the broadest point of view that comes from just one person with separate self-consciousness must be limited and incomplete, because it is a view that is still from only one place, only from that one separate self. Thus, it is a point of view that will have limited understanding. And if a person has such limited understanding, what kind of thoughts are they limited to? And if their thoughts are from such limited perception and understanding, what kind of action will they take regarding other people, and the world around them? For the answer to that, just look around at the world. The problem is that most people are too arrogant to know what they don’t know.

    Separate self-consciousness, because of its limitations and narrow- mindedness, compartmentalises its perceptions of the world into pieces that are extensions of itself. Everything in your immediate world becomes an extension of you, of your separate self. For instance, there is your neighbourhood, your town, your county, your province, your country, your part of the world (and, depending on your socio-economic status, possibly your gang’s turf). Because the separate self relates to these as extensions of itself, most people support their country, for instance, just because it is their country.

    Sure, they come up with reasons why their country is the best or most important. But the problem is, many people believe that their country is IT, the best, the most important, the most right, regardless of any reason to think so or not. And by so doing, they care less about other countries, and the people of those other countries. And if everyone’s country is the best, who’s right? They can’t all be right. This phenomenon is even worse when it comes to a person’s outlook on religion. Many people think theirs is the only right religion (and thus the only one that will provide salvation for anyone else) and actually hate other religions and their practitioners.

    When there is more than one religion claiming to be the only right one, it creates a question of who’s right and who’s wrong, and the dilemma of choosing the right one, or facing the consequences of having chosen the wrong one (not getting into heaven, going to hell etc). What country starts a war thinking that they’re in the wrong? All of these perceptions and beliefs originate from separate selves and the territories they consider extensions of themselves.

    Almost everyone favours not just their country, but all the extensions of their separate selves – they favour their race, their ethnic group, their school, their local team, their political party etc. Although precious few people have begun to expand their self-consciousness to include bigger pictures, this still falls far short of universal consciousness. The efforts of such people can be a total waste of time, or even harmful, without universal consciousness. The human race barely cares about people let alone plants and animals. Those with separate self-consciousness will defend their views with twisted logic.

    It all depends on what our separate selves consider extensions or relations of themselves, or have a selfish stake in. All these expansions of consciousness are steps toward the ultimate expansive and caring consciousness, universal consciousness. But they are still all variations of separate self-consciousness – limited by so many constraints, destructive and riddled with mistakes. Oh, how many tears have been shed in the wake of things going wrong, and the cry is echoed, “But I was only trying to help.” The fact is, all things in the universe are essentially made of the same stuff and are totally interdependent and connected.

    So we cannot be truly separate from the rest of the universe; we can only be a part of it all (apart). But we can think we are separate. We can believe we are separate. And then we can act like we are separate. Having separate self-consciousness doesn’t mean you are really separate, but that you have a total illusion of separateness from everyone and everything else in the universe. And when a person truly believes they are separate, they naturally focus on themselves, which naturally leads to selfishness.

    This is very important, so pay close attention. This is the big issue. The biggest problem of all problems. The only real problem. As silly and simple as it sounds, it is serious – simple selfishness is the root of all problems and evils that exist on Earth. This is one of the greatest, most important teachings to understand. Where there is such separate consciousness as humans have, everyone perceives everyone else in an us-and-them way, and a me-against-the-world fashion. When this occurs, which it naturally must with separateness, there will be attempts to get, or take, from others, and keep others from getting what you have. It is perfectly natural, and in its own warped way, logical. And where does this all leave us?

    Where there is separateness and selfishness there will be strife, discord, injustice, taking from others, and harm to other beings, creatures, the environment etc. So, when someone says something about the problems of the world being due to political parties, greed, money, power, war, lust, vanity, carelessness or whatever, what do you say? That they are only branches of selfishness. The root of all problems, all evil, all suffering, is selfishness. And why is there selfishness and thus all these evils? Because it is the natural outcome of separate self-consciousness, of thinking you are separate from the Universe, and therefore all things in existence. And so what is the only cure for evil, suffering and all problems?

    We have to lose the separate consciousness and selfishness by regaining Consciousness of our oneness with everything. The Universal Consciousness. And how can one regain Universal Consciousness? Through unselfish love, self-sacrifice, caring, giving, seeing the illusions of self-consciousness that we carry with us in our mind and breaking them. Don’t let the teachings that promote oneness be misunderstood as promoting a one-world religion or government where oneness and peace are enforced by human rule or dogma. Nothing could be further from what we mean to convey.

    We are, first of all, proponents of freedom and free will. We are talking about an internal way of being, a consciousness, that includes sensitivity, compassion and freedom, and caring about all people, creatures, all creation, as much as you do about yourself. When you stop and think about these things it is easier to understand that there will only be peace, harmony and freedom from tyranny on Earth when all people have universal consciousness, and everyone is primarily governed from within by the Universal Spirit.

    Outside the Earth, the entire Universe functions in a beautiful, orderly, harmonious flow. On Earth, humans with separate self- consciousness are the only things that are out of step with the flow of nature and the universe. The results of this have been disharmony, disruption and destruction. That’s why this script promotes the attainment of Universal Consciousness by any means that works for you. The difference between having separate self- consciousness and Universal Consciousness is like night and day.

    Consider an environmentalist who has expanded his/her separate self-consciousness to include concern for ecology. This is good. And if being aware of the flow and balance of Earth’s nature is good, imagine the significance of being really aware of the flow and balance of all things – of the entire universe?

    And if being concerned about all humans on Earth is good, what about being devoted to caring for all life within the entire universe? A person who has attained Universal Consciousness has transcended separate self-consciousness, and thus sees infinitely more, understands infinitely more. Imagine being able to see the outcome of many of your actions in advance or, whether or not you see the outcome, being able to know if what you are doing is really going to ultimately help or harm.

    What if you really had an awareness of being one with everything – even God, even all other separate selves? How would you see things then? And how would you treat everyone and everything? If you absolutely know that every person you are dealing with is you, just in a different form, how would you treat yourself (others)? Is there any point in stealing from yourself? Hurting yourself? Is there any point in being tyrannical with yourself?

    For instance, how can a football game be very interesting when competition is senseless to you because you know we are all one, you know we are God; and worse, you know the game are actually reinforcing separateness and hostility? All you see from your universal viewpoint is a bunch of “we” who don’t understand who we are, attacking themselves so some “we” can win and feel superior, and some “we” can lose and feel terrible. When you have universal consciousness, you take everything much more seriously, and not seriously at all.

    A being with Universal Consciousness loves everyone unselfishly, and is (Within the needs of universal flow) giving, kind, compassionate, caring, knowing and harmless (that doesn’t mean incapable of defending the innocent, or putting your foot down).

    It is similar with people at any level of consciousness. A basically decent person is not just trying to be basically decent, moral or law abiding. It comes somewhat naturally, depending on what they have made of themselves throughout their lifetimes. And they can and will tend towards greater selfishness given the right situation. Everyone manifests the level of his consciousness. For most it moves in a certain range, wavering between selfishness and unselfishness, and shifts at different times in their lives depending on the circumstances they are subjected to. It is as natural for a person with universal consciousness to be totally giving, as it is for a person with separate self-consciousness to be selfish.

    A person with separate self-consciousness is inwardly focused, and is like an energy vacuum, a black hole, or Cancer, always trying to get energy. But someone with Universal Consciousness is outwardly focused, and is like an energy beacon, a sun, always giving energy.

    Therefore piercing this illusion of separation, and attaining Universal Consciousness, is the answer to the entire world’s problems. If everyone had Universal Consciousness there would be no need for the kind of governments we have now, for everyone would be governed as one from within themselves. Just imagine a world in which everyone is conscientious, caring and responsible. And where such behaviour is not enforced by threat of prison or death, or even by being convinced by others. No need for religions to try and influence people to behave morally. No need for police, armies, governments etc., because unselfish love and service to universal will are within every being – what paradise!
    We may never achieve this on Earth, but then again, we may.
    The closer you are to attaining Universal Consciousness, the greater your point of view will be, and the more you will intuitively see the whole picture or whole situation.
    The attainment of Universal Consciousness is quite dramatic though, and you can’t help but see all these things and be aware of them.

    We (our souls) separated ourselves from the universal consciousness by using our free will in a way that reflected innocent ignorance, rather that ill and rebellious intent. We were attracted to the physical world and the sensations it offered; it was a free choice. We desired to experience the physical sensations; we wanted to smell the flowers, experience sex, listen to the wind and oceans, feel the pain of matter, and taste the monosodium glutamate in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Unfortunately, as the souls entered into matter to experience the sensations, we lost the purity of the Universal Consciousness. And by encasing ourselves in the flesh, the primate lost the purity of the animal consciousness. We then, as individual entities, got a new kind of consciousness, which was apart from the Universal Consciousness we had before that time.

    This new consciousness, called separate consciousness or physical consciousness/intellect, is of a fixed focus nature and reverse polarity in comparison to the Universal Consciousness we came from. This was the so-called fall; the fall was in consciousness. The souls lost their awareness of the Universal Consciousness from which they came. And with it, they lost their memory of the Creator as they became encased in matter by their own choice and desires, purely to experience the sensations. From then on, the intellectual knowledge/physical consciousness, which the ape brain had, gave them the information that the free will needed for making choices. And if these choices were in harmony with the laws and principles of the Universal Consciousness and in tune with the universal principles called the will of God, then their consciousness would be expanded. But if the free choices were out of harmony with the universe and expanded the separateness or the selfish desire or self-righteousness, then the universal consciousness in them would diminish.
    Intellect/physical consciousness has control over the brain, your selfish selves, your desires and your emotions etc. It works with the knowledge in your brain. It has control over most people’s entire lives. Only your free will can change it. However, you have to want to, and know how to.

    To have universal consciousness means that you have access to all the information in the world, all the wisdom, which is how some of this information has come about, in case you want to know. You are capable of everything, and can do it all. Omnipresent, omniscient, creative and loving. The greatest miracle in the world happens to be a changed mind. If you want to walk on water, well, you can; but right now you don’t know how to, because you simply don’t know that you already have the universal consciousness that it takes. My dear new friend, since 1998 all the secrets have been revealed, but most people have not asked the right questions yet, but they will eventually.
    Compiled by
    Rene’ Descartes

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