The election

Statue_of_libertyThe local election is over, some cry, some cheer. But all in all, it was a good thing for democracy to see how people and the powermongers take it serious and are uncorrupt in their handling of the system. The first winner is the democratic system itself, no fraud appeared. It was all conducted by local people who respected the groundrules of democracy. It is very cool, and beautiful.

As a see my role as a philosopher, I try to enlighten society, but through my knowledge of the basis of society I also try to inspire. Now, all political parties are heirs to philosophy in some way, both the danish, the foreign, the religious and the nonreligious. So we are all, in a way, the sons and daughters of  Plato. Therefor it is not my task to critizise the parties that are loyal to the heritage of western civilization, now including some who are of an eastern civilization. But only my task to critizise when parties are not loyal to truth, justice and love. When corruption of the fabric of the world occurs. So this is my humble contribution to the different parties of Denmark, a little inspiration. I start form left and go right.


Communists are not so popular these days. Perhaps because communism is flawed as a thought construct. It does not work, whereever international socialism is implemented, it fails. This does not imply that it does not have qualities, it has, social justice, enlightentment are good qualities of the socialist system. There have been traitors of Denmark among the communists, and this the communist have to face to get on. Also, the alliance with radical islam is also tearing the communists apart. There are parallel qualities between the original sharia state and communism, but the fact that radical islam is so inspired by Hitler and fascism, should make it the enemy of the communist, not the ally. There are very interesting signs of development in Iran, the people of Iran wants to be free, have democracy. If the communists could combine their moral nature with the values of democracy, it could move on and find find a new path. This was the original idea of Plato, so why not, the leap is not so long.

Socialistisk Folkeparti

Congratulations with the victory, it is wellearned and the result of the courage of the chairman Mr. Villy Søvndahl. He has had the courage to defy radical islam. This fight is not over however, and it could be the gasolin for an even more dominant role in the world of politics. But, as the doric greeks say, you have to have harmony with what you do and what you say. So action is aquired. The war against the naziinspired islam that is everywhere in the danish society should commence from day one.

There is a party that really needs your help; the schools. The danish schoolsystem is in trouble, big trouble. It is islamizised, and the institution itself is, in many areas of the country, not really working, or in deep stress. Something has to be done. My proposal has been to divide citizens from noncitizens. So that the danish school should be for the children of citizens. The control over citizenship should be radically increased, and new citizens who are unable or unwilling to be a part of the democratic community should be expelled immiditately. The process is already commenced by the Danish Peoples Party, help them. Stop the demonization, and get to work. You have a country and a schoolsystem to save.


Ah, the aristocracy of yesterday, the hollowed party, the fallen empire. Dishonesty and lack of loyalty to the voters is a political sin, and the socialdemocrats are paying for this sin. The internationalism, the immigrationplans that left the core voters in a living hell, is all things done, that cannot be undone. Everybody knows that the socialdemocrats are traitors basically, and nobody really trusts them on a deep level. It is a disgrace, and tradegy in itself. To get back on track, the socialdemocratic party has to realize, to itself, the mistakes it has done, to understand the treason it has done, admit it, and try to find a new way. This is extremely difficult, because they are still in denial, and not ready to realize their own mistakes. There is a path, and a very thin straw, and that is to forget about the socialist doctrine right now, and head back to Hal Koch, the democratic philosopher of the socialdemocrats before the change in 68. Otherwise the party will slowly whither away, due to treason and dishonesty.

Radikale Venstre

Another illoyal party. Radikale Venstre was based on the intelligence of the jews and the support of the smallholders, both parties have been betrayed, and now Radikale Venstre is paying. If you forget about your own basis and treat your friends like enemies, your friends will eventually abandon you. Now the jews and the smallholders are supporting the Danish Peoples Party, why? Because the Danish Peoples Party support them. The Radikale Venstre were able to remain in the centre of the political sphere due to the intelligence of the jews, now without that, it is just another party with an overblown image of itself. It has come to a point where The Radikale Venstre are actively supporting the archenemies of the jews, the arabs. But the arabs are not loyal to the Radikale Venstre, they do not care much for traitors, and their plans are not including democracy.

What to do? Well, it is almost not possible to get back to basics. The jews and the smallholders have developed a deep loathing for the The Radikale Venstre, and feel, rightly betrayed. Perhaps if the Radikale Venstre started supporting the jews and the smallholders again, some of the damage could be mended, but it is a very, very long way to go.

Konservative Folkeparti

Congratulations, the election was an indication of good things to come. I think it is because the Konservative are basically loyal to their voters. My thanks goes to the late chairman Bent Bentsen, he chose the real conservative Lene Espersen, he could have chosen the “modern” Connie Hedegaard with her climate profile and all that, but that would really have been a catastrophe for the Konservatives. The future looks bright, all the problems of the society; an immigrationpolicy absolutely out of economic control, the rule of law endangered, are problems that the Konservatives can do something about. So, I recommend to focus on the economic burdens brought by the irresponsible socialist rule; the immigrants. The amount of ressources both economical and human used everyday is astronomical. The entire social system will break down if something is not done. Exactly a mission for the conservatives.

But there are other important missions to start. We are, if all the historical signs are analyzed rightly, heading for a major civilwar in Europe. Look at France, Great Britain, Sweden the unrest is massive, and it could very well spin out of control. Therefor it is extremely important for the armed forces and the police to be ready. The army should have the necessesary ressources to prepare for the major civilwar across the European continent, with players as Russia, Iran and the middle east lurking in the background. And, very important, reduce the number of muslims in the armed forces, in this climate of war between the west and Islam, all muslims are a potential danger.

There is one friend the Konservatives seem to have forgotten, and who could really need their help; the Queen. I have written a book with the current Crown Marshal, and my impression is very positive. We should be proud to have such a nice family in charge of the royal institutions. It is in time of need you know your real friends, and this is such a time.

And then just a final remark; get rid of Naser Khader.


Ah, the party in trouble. Well it is not because of the current state minister, but because of the former. He supressed all ideological development that had anything to do with the probable conflict with the muslims. He even started the islamization of the police, the post, the airport, and so on. Very bad move. There is the implementation of the Lissabon Treaty that he forced through the parliament, that was treason as well, and everybody knows it. The current minister of state somehow has to make up for this treason, perhaps in an open opposition to The EU on matters that concern the public. It has to be real, honest opposition, and people should know about it. It is a very difficult balance, but as the civilwar increases, the EU will act in ways that we do not know yet. It can be very dramatic, and we have to be prepared for the worst.

But first of all, a sound and intelligent plan to counter the islamic threath to freedom has to be discussed and implemented. So far, the discussions I have been a part of have been the motor of the development, and Danish Peoples Party have used it and prospered on it. Perhaps Venstre should actively start to integrate the theories in their work. It should connect to the traditions of Venstre, and here Højskole-Venstre has a possibility for a comeback, because one of the wings within the immigration discussion is a Højskole wing.

But the fight could have two fronts at once. Both the front against the socialist system that is still in effect in Denmark through the media, and Islam. We saw it in all clarity in this election, Venstres messages were withheld because it was nonsocialist and antimuslim. Something has to be done about this socialist relic, we cannot enter a war with a media we cannot trust. To be realistic, I think the government should stop dreaming about a media that will support them fairly. They will not, and as soon a there is another socialist government in charge, they will be as socialist as ever. The only serious treatment to the problem is to reduce the power of the socialist media, take away their ressources. I would reduce Danmarks Radio to a newschannel only, and stop the funding of the newspapers. And very importantly, demand transperence to all media. Who are the owners of the different media? Secret owners, as the owner of Berlingske Media, should not be accepted.

Danish Peoples Party

Congratulations, you deserve all the progress you have, you have fought against extreme odds, and you have won. Now Danish Peoples Party is not only a political a factor in parliament, but also on a local level. It is all well earned. Earned with a coin you should not have payed with; Scorn, hate, danger. Things change, and the pharias of yesterday could be the heroes of tomorrow. Thank you for the support to the jews, it is a wise decision, jews are few, but through history they tend to win, a good ally.

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