In my view Judaism, and consequently Christianity and Islam is stretched out between Abraham and Moses in an ideological sense. Where Abraham believed in love, Moses was the light bringer.

Abraham represented the Babylonian view, Moses represented the Egyptian view.

Now, as Christians say; Jesus is the redeemer, because he is the light and the truth ourselves. This is true, and is yet another reflection of the Mosaic view.

But what do we do, when we love someone and the love is neither realistic or that wise? The true thing would be to go away from that love, and do something else. But what if the love is really strong, and the love is fundamental to your life, do you then leave it be, because it is the most wise thing.

This is the dilemma that may arise between Abraham and Moses. In my mind, there is no discussion, you choose love. It may be stupid, unwise, people may not understand it, it will probably cost you much. But how would the world ever find peace if we are all just rational beings and do what is most wise?

In this I trust Abraham, and I must say, for my part, when there is a dilemma, I recommend going with love. This is most important part of life, in richness, and downfall, in good times and bad times. Love is the most important, otherwise, the world will not work.

G-d bless the thing we share for all.

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