regineWhen Abraham looked upon Babylon, and saw its demise, he was both a politician and a man of G-d. The city burned down, because it had too much freedom, and the chaos it found itself in was boundless, symbolized by the heaven reaching Ziggurat; the tower of Babylon.

Now, he wandered, and, in the end decided to fix the problem himself, by giving birth to a new tribe called the Jews. He made a deal with spirit, and in this the birth of all who call themselves the descendants of Abraham is given.

Now, why did he do that? Well first of all, it was because he wanted to fix a political problem within the political system of the polis institution, or republics as we call them today. The problem of too much freedom.

But there is a deeper message in the fact, that he made a deal with G-d. Why? Because the deal was two-sided. One was to fix the political problem, that was in Abrahams interest, but there was something in it for G-d as well. Why did G-d put so much of his interest in the fight for love? The simple answer is; because G-d is love. Thereby did Abraham strike a deal to remake the nation, and G-d had his world be unfurled on our planet earth.

It was not until Moses however we as Jews really understood the existence of G-d. Moses gave us an understanding as G-d as intelligence and a natural power that is in between. So these two steps in the development of jewish thought combined the understanding of love with the covenant of Abraham.

Now then, to understand how we may enhance the idea that we promised G-d through Abraham, we should look at our own world. How is it structured? The basic core of our world is the family. The close family, and the extended family. Love is not an easy thing. It is difficult to bridge the boundaries that is between all living. But if we really work hard, we can do that sometimes. With our children, our spouses and our friends.

This is how we can really live out the covenant Abraham gave us; by fermenting and working for the love in between the persons that are near us.

Looking at our temples. We have built many beautiful edifices. But often we focus only on the connection between man and G-d. Not on the connection between man and man. Romance is often only just in the wedding ceremony or in the rituals accompanied in giving people back to G-d.

Why do we not really work for love, all the time. Make our mission the romance of all men and woman. Work for the love in between man and woman, child and parent. Not as a strictly ethical thing only, but also as it is; in romance.

Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher had a difficult relationship with a beautiful woman called Regine Olsen. She was a daughter of a rich and influential man. Søren was a philosopher, and only that. Søren was an awkward man, had difficulties with relations, and had a lot of angst. This lead to the problem of accepting Regine with him all the time. As a Göethian character did he wander to and fro his beloved. He never managed to overcome his own boundaries, but paved the way in a philosophical debate for later wanderers in love, to understand love.

Now, as I see it. We should get back to that starting point of philosophy and spirituality to make a comeback for religion. Open up for love, make our dedication the bridge between man and woman, between friends, as a tool to remake the world into something better. Not only for the sake of the nation, but also because in this way may we fulfill our promise to spirit.

G-d bless the love we may win if we work hard enough.

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