nbi_zoroWhen we are looking at the Middle East theatre, we are both looking at redemption and possible demise. There is, really, a chance now for peace and for a positive development, and all are basically trying their best to find a solution.

But there are numerous obstacles to the process, plenty of unwise and destructive forces in the air, in the sea and on ground.

What do we do in such a situation?

Zoroaster, the original Persian philosopher had a groundbreaking idea; he told his people to look at good.

The concept of good is really an all-empowering, and immensely strong concept. Why? Because it drags us away from the narrow focus of our own interest, and gives us a view on the common interest.

Add to this, it is a time-honoured and proven idea. In fact, calling it an idea is hardly appropriate, it is a driving force in our world as well and beyond.

Following that lead into a landscape far more harmonious than what we are having now, will give progress for all who call themselves descendant of Abraham.

It is given to us by the wise Persian, and we should heed that call, all who wish to see the world as a better place.

G-d bless Israel and Persia in unison.

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