May we all live

In these truly difficult times, it is well and important to understand how we get through this crisis. As her majesty the Queen addresses the commonwealth and the nation this evening, there is one thing that may be important for the inhabitants of the English isles and beyond.

As we are told in old books about the country, there is such a thing as tenacious even obstinate understanding of the world. The stiff upper lip as someone sometimes calls it.

It means, that through difficult times, we still maintain the dignity of our persons, go on in the face of difficulty with our life’s in a most solid and stoic way.

That way of ancients seafarers standing on the washed off planks of the vessels of old. Strong, unmoved by the forces around them, to reach that distant port of Dover or London.

That is the character of the English. This character is what is called for, in these difficult times.

That ancient, strong, stoic way of doing things.

Some might call it all business, but deep down we know that it is otherwise, it is beyond business and truly what calls and beacons to that old strong man on the islands.

Being that man, is what will bring hope, because that man can do anything and carry through also this challenge, difficult as it may be.

May the isles of England purvey its glory of the flag, that has now risen again.

G-d bless her majesty the Queen, and may she carry us through this nightmare with her wisdom and terrible but endless power of the crown and will of the people. May Great Britain carry through these difficult hours of despair and be reborn in a new image of strength and vigor. G-d bless the strength of the people, as it carries through these difficult times. G-d bless the Anglican Church, as it blesses the sanctity of all people of Britain, and G-d bless the most rev. Premiere Minister, may his health still be sound, and his actions swift and clear. G-d bless the common wealth where all are in trouble, and G-d bless all those who carry the burdens of the disease. G-d bless us all, and may we persevere.

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