These are incredibly trying times for all of us. Not least me, I feel like stretched out between the duty I feel for the countries, that are in a way a bit dependent on the Platonic perspective for advise.

Anyway, one of the things, that I would sincerely advise for Great Britain right now, is to start praying. Mr. Johnson, our Prime minister, so bold and hero for many is at the hospital due to a valiant attempt at reaching out for the diseased in a hospital.

Now he is in harms way, and have difficulty breathing.

In this pivotal moment, what can the nation of the British do? They can pray, not only for themselves, but also for mr. Johnson. In this moment, they will realize, that prayer is not something artificial or just waste of time. It works, it turns the tide.

Use this tool, to curry favor with G-d.

To Change the course of the country, to find each other again.

G-d will listen to prayers, and help.

There is a chance of a miracle, but it requires great dedication to each other.

I know that Great Britain is wounded and not as strong as it used to be. Why? Because of lack of faith.

Find faith, and then this will give you strength again.

May G-d bless the isles of the English.

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