Ok, we now know, what the prime methods against the Coronavirus:

1. Isolation
2. Finding the sick and those who infect others

On these methods, we can work.

This means, as it is the method that will harm the least, that we need to find the diseasespreaders and isolate them. This is what is the most benign and most effective method to combat the virus.

Again, this will effect a lot of people, but it needs to be done.

Secondly, we need to be smart about closing down our countries. There is no need to close down areas, that are not effected. So we need to monitor the areas that we are responsible for, and only close those that are affected. At the same time, make sure, that people do not travel regionally.

This disease targets all the most religious countries. We live in large families, and this way of living creates the perfect condition for at large scale infection.

The virus is a poisoning, this means, that the families that are large create massive amounts of virus in their families.

So, we need to help those countries that are religious the most. But first and foremost, the religious countries need to ramp up their fight against the disease massively.

G-d will only protect us, if we are use what we have of tools to work. We have to do what we can in order to combat this disease.

Especially in the Muslim countries we face a massive catastrophe, we need to tackle that, and protect those families.

This is extremely important.

G-d bless the will to act on this virus now.

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