More of the same

If you want to predict the future, you need to know your past. How is the past of Europe? It is a string of revolutions, counterrevolutions, wars, mayehem, deaths and progress.

Through that burning kettle of both ideas and warfare, has the world progressed and made a truly magnificient cultural development, like the Middle East.

This cauldron of ideas has produced; Christianity, Lutheranism, Democracy, Communism, Industrialism, Nazism, Facism, The Roman Empire, The greek Empire, The Freestates, on and on it goes for five thousand years.

And now the leaders have decided they want peace, by seducing the people into shutting up with television and the “Lügenpresse”. Add to this decided to throw in some of the most revolutionary peoples of the Middle East into the mix, who have exactly the same “dynamic” understanding of the world. That is a continuing flux of ideas warring each other.

So what are the chances for peace? Nil, or close to nil.

As I see it, what we can do, is try to steer the process of war and peace into the most peaceful path. Instead of an all encompassing apocalypse we are steering straight towards with the current system, we can make a less painfull process, where we target the problems precisely.

Unfortunately, this view has been the most unpolitically correct, because, in order to understand the most peaceful way, we actually need to understand what is going on.

To the socalled peacemakers of the European Union, this has been against their strategy, where manipulation and misunderstanding has been the tool.

We are heading for another European revolution. In fact we are in the middle of it; mass demonstrations, die hard political fractioning, killings in the street, new brave ideologies.

If the current system does not see it for what it is; a revolution, they will end up in flagposts, as in all the other revolutions in Europe. Caught in the fire.

So, perhaps it would be a good idea and actually stop “more of the same” rethorics, and actually start paying attention to the revolutionaries. Some of them are even veterans of the last revolution!

Tunnel sight and heavy handed opression of the hapless peoples have however always been the predicable answer to all the revolutions, and will probably also be the answer this time.

Wake up, for heavens sake, we are walking, blindfolded, in to one of the most destructive periods of European history, people are killed on the streets, criminality is rampant, and we have an enemy at hand, who is so vile and destructive they are even worse than the Nazis, imagine that!

To me, there are good revolutions and bad revolutions. The good revolutions are the revolutions where the Jews are on the side of the ideology. The bad are those who are against.

This one; the conservative liberal revolution is with the Jews, so that is a good thing. But, the valley of darkness is truly dark these days, and we have a long fight ahead of us.

G-d bless the willingness to see straight.

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