the brave

The brave will inherit the World, as we say here in Denmark. In other words, the coward will fall.

We have seen it over and over again. How the brave have ultimately won the wars.

It spells ill for Europe, or at least Central Europe, because it is so filled with cowards, that they fall over each other to cave in to whatever threaten them.

There are, however some good signs. As always, it is France that lead the revolutions. The mix of idealism and a very very high level of intellectualism fuels the revolution. What happens in France right now, will set the pattern for the rest of the conflict. That is why the Charlie Hebdo attack was so important. The countries not directly hit by the onslaught can entertain the idea, that they will not be hit within the close vicinity of their future. But, they will be tought another lesson, and consequently follow in the footsteps of France.

What to look for is bravery, in the situation where people are scared, they will look for the brave to lead them. Manipulation, craven manners or the like will not be popular.

So far, luckily, the progress is along state lines. We have not had many huge violent uprisings. But as I said, this will come, if the states do not listen to the people. It is not a threat, it is a fair warning, and, honestly, being a man of peace, I say it, so that the politicians can change course, and avoid the situation. The seriousity of the situation taken into consideration, shooting the messenger is not a viable solution.

Finally, let me give my sincerest condolations to the lately deciesed king Abdullah. Your eminence tried to make peace, and let us all hope that his son will be a man of peace as well.

G-d bless you all.

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