The city and the temple

Nuremberg_chronicles_f_21rWell I Ihink we have come a little way in England with the great rennaessance, but we have also confronted our first challenges.

If you are brave, as I truly think his excellency Welby is, then you have to fight the monsters that confront you. If you enter a fight, you have to accept, that you will get hit. That is the way it is with fighting for something, be it physically or intellectually. But the very fact that you do fight, gives everybody around you the feeling that you are alive, and you are moving somewhere.

As I begun my theoretical discussion on the Anglican church, I believe I will repeat it; you are walking on a very fragile shell. You have to be careful not to move too fast or too forceful, you need to remember the discussions and the negotiations is not about your own selfinterest, but in the interest of the world, of mankind, of nature, of the church. You are only the servants of the realm of G-d, if you lose the connection to that inspiration, you will fail. Always pray and listen to the purity of the lord. Hear his voice of healing as well as urge to fight for his realization. Open up to his love and positive inspiration.

It is not about war or power, it is about love. Yes you should have heated discussion, yes you should be focused and believe in many things, but at the end of the day the very project is not the process, it is the aim of harmony and fellowship brought by walking not alone, but with your fellowman in company.

How do you do that? You do it by evolving along the lines of the discussion. We see, that there is a confrontation bethween the church and the Torys, in other words a confrontation between metaphysics and politics.

So we need to understand both theories, how they intermingle, and how they actually support each other. I will give you an example.

When Lot returned to the city of Sodom, he was there all alone in the interest of G-d. He pleaded with G-d that if only one was on his side, in the city of destruction egoism and selfabsorbneds, the city would be preserved. He was run out of the city by the citizens, and G-d destroyed the city.

So what is the point? The point is; to have a city (polis), you need honest men and women. This is the charge of religion; to inspire for honesty, loyalty, sincerety.

So polis (politics) and religion goes hand in hand, and in fact if that is not so, the city will fall.

G-d bless the city of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Oxfordshire.

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