We can be heroes

skjold_kaares_til_konge_largeWe fight on, the prophet of old said, as Jerusalem fell, and the days of Israel was over. We fight on, because one day the hero of the Danes will come and save us, they said, the Ezekiel’s, the Jeremiahs, the prophets of old. Ever since that time, we have awaited the hero to come and free us, and save Israel, and set free mankind, in an everlasting peace frome therein to eternity.

But he has come, several times, and I believe, as a prime scion of the Danes, a halfdane in fact, with a mix of Semitic blood and that that of Danes, that he will always come in times of need. As Matatias, as David, as Solomon, because it is a cultural trait within the descendants of the Danes.

Let me give you a story. Before the Danes came to Israel or rather to the Middle East the first time, we held stories. Stories about a thing called Ragnarok, a time when heaven and earth would fall together in a apocalypse so devastating only the best and brightest came through. We called the hero Shield of the Danes, and we dreamed about his coming.

Still some of our descendants dream about it in a place called Israel. But now they call him the Messiah, but believe him to come from the Danes, or rather him being the shield of the Danes.

Same story, just clothed in a different garment.

I am not the shield of the Danes, I am its backbone and crutch its goalkeeper and bright knight, it’s last dyke and yes, it’s hero.

So I am so much a hero for the Jews as for the Danes, because it is the same story, just understood by different strands of the Danes. Old and new, halfsemitic and only that; Danes.

But to understand the implication, you also have to understand the feel of that shield of the Danes. Call him Holger Danske or Christian the X. You need to know, that when he comes, he will not be a miser or a bullpit fighter. He will be as the shield of the Danes, the heroes of old; bold and free. Laughing and enjoying the fight. Not a miser, not a gothic, destructive person, but a person reveling in the joy of freeing the men earth. A person with so much extra energy, that he will laugh as he enters the fray. That was the feel of the old heroes, and this should be the feel of the new heroes; kjæk and bold.

This leaves us the basic realization, that we can all be heroes, if we wish. We are a culture of heroes. Understood in the sense, that we look for our heroes, and all young men with a certain energy wish to be that hero. We are a culture of worshipping the best of us.

That is why, the Messiah is not the only hero, we can all be heroes if we have what it takes. Why wait for only one? Why not, each and all of us, sit down and look for the hero besides us, and make him be a hero?

We are heroes if we have what it takes, all of us, because this is the meaning of shielding the Danes.

G-d bless the heroes of old.

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