heavenly justice

If you, once in a while, have the exquisite priviledge to meet the spirit, you must be an oracle. Or what? Maybe being an oracle is about knowing the past, thereby getting an inkling at the future. Maybe it is just the vanity of a too intellectually burdened genius hovering over everybody else, as he uses his abilities to further the providence of man.

It might be either, it might be or, but the effect of the oracleship, the Umin and Thumin, the grace of Delphi is as much shaping the future as predicting it.

Kabbalists are very proud of the late Kabbalist rav Ashlag. He predicted the rise of Israel, he envisioned the coming of peace, he had all the ideas that Israel is thriving on, and should realize, at least as we kabbalists see it.

But, perhaps his genius is not in the fact that he predicted it, but the fact, that he shapes the future according to his will.

I am hard pressed these days. After the fall of the journalists of Hebdo, I have had a wrangling with the secret police here in Denmarks. So far they have been trying to shut us all up, and I have been fighting them, to make space for some of my friends, and to survive myself. The lying, evil KGB of Denmark, seems to shipwrecked on my rocky shore. Falling apart, man and mice leaving the ship tumbling about in the gale, flying about as they lie for their own security.

As a prophet, of all three monotheistic religions I say this; look in the darkness and you see evil. Those who manipulate, try to steer away from the all seeing eye of the overlord of the angels of wrath, they are the darks sons of evil. I know, I look them in the eye, and I do not bow. Not with any weapon of their evil quiver thrown upon me. I do not bow.

And I curse them, they will see their soul rotten in the afterlife, seeping with festering wounds, caught up by infamy and evil as they are brought heavenly justice.

G-d bless the wisdom of old.

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