The sons and daughters of G-d

When you fight for your life, in the face of mortal danger, you hop and skip and do your best to be looking for the small door, that might be at the end of that dangerous path you are trying.

When you are out on open sea, and the wrath of the storm seeks you out, and you do your best to steer your little boat, using your immense skill, and you feeling for the waves, to guide your decrepit boat, you sometimes fall upon a hidden cliff beneath the vawes, and your boat starts pounding away on that underconscious reef, chipping at your boat, that is only made of plastic and tar.

Then you pray, you stand up in your tiny rocking boat, and you pray for the almighty to save you, to tear away the hidden anchorlines tying you to the dangerous reef, you elevate into the realm of G-d, and you promise all your might and service to be saved by his grace. You pray and you lift your chin to the creator to call him to descend upon mankind and help and give his blessing to all who see themselves as men. Save the human race from folly and destruction, give us another chance, stop us from burning down Sodom and Gommora, because there are some honest men here, perhaps not perfect, but at least striving for peace, trying to make amends, make ends meet, help instead of just taking, giving instead of just grasping for more power.

We make amends, and we fight he promises, to convince G-d that there is still hope for mankind, and we can make peace, we are not just gruesome IS fighters using blackmail and manipulation to control, not just the secret police severing the loved one of our heroes, not just the sycophants of the media, not just the craven juglers of politics thinking of only their own careers. There is more to mankind, there is love and providence, and beauty, there is fairness and care and healing, there is the helping hand of a man helping his neighbour, there is acceptance and time for our children, there is honesty and solidarity, there is humbleness and understanding.

This is man, not the evil and egoism we see around us, not the warmongers and the power seekers, but the simple honest man. As he extends his hand to make peace.

Make peace, not war, understand on the premises of love and brotherhood not on egoism and selfishness.

G-d said, remember; you are my son.

And I believe that only through the realization of this; that we are all sons of G-d, can we relieve ousrselfs from the chains af the material world. Be in his image, share his benevolence and fairness. Be joyful and happy. We are all the sons and daughters of G-d and we should, for our own sakes remember that.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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