We have become corrupt in Europe, there was a time, when we sung about the freedom and the fight against tyranny. Now we scrabble about, craven and afraid of our own shadows.

This is really the difficulty facing the Ukraine conflict. We do not come into it with honesty and truth, but through means of manipulation.

Only if we become what we once were; fighters for freedom and honesty, of nationhood and brotherhood, of equality and humanism can we effectively solve our problems.

We all eye each other with suspicion, a leftover from the cold war, and the opposition between capitalism and communism. I urge you to see, that we should not enter the conflict as comrades or businessmen, but as citizens. As scions of that great civilization that France gave us, as democrats and honestly believing in the peoples of Europe, believing in their right to remain free and unbound, to be equal with us, not unwieldy problems we have to wrangle with.

Let our inner gendarm rip us free from the prison of the second world war, and let everybody free.

There is a problem in Ukraine, and that is the problem of trust. I therefor advise the duo of Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande to shed all their ambition and go down to meet the people at their own level. Invite the true leaders of Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk and Krim.

Listen to their worries, and forge a compromise. But do it without any thought of our gain as the European Union, or gain for Germany or France. But to the benefit of the citizens of those great countries that wish to emerge as landmarks of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

Look into yourselves, sing your own songs and give them what your yourself know is right.

G-d bless you, and may you find that tear wringing peace.


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