Congratulations mr. president for a beautiful speech, it will be very difficult getting results, but, looking back at the last six years, the projects we have commenced are shaping up, and are realized in true progress. Especially the economical development of the US is a testimony to the fact, that our project is good. Still, realizing peace in the Middle East would, potentially, secure the presidency for the future as a turning point for the US.

Things are heating up in Europe. The islamists are slowly being cloaked off, as the cold war systems lose strength and the war becomes hot.

There are some serious realizations Europe has to do to counter the muslim state ideology. We are talking about a political version of Islam, that seems to be willing to go to any lenght to get their way, and they are many.

When this has finally been realized, one way or the other, we can finally start counterworking their ideas here in Europe, but Bobby Jindal is right, and, I am sorry to say mr. Cameron, you have to suit up, and get ready for the onslaught. London is a hotbed for international islamist recruiting and financing. England as such is on the verge of collapsing under the strain, and the secret police has just begun to dig in the corners. When they realize, that 80 % of the Muslims in the UK are islamists, they will have to come up with some serious problemsolving, and that problemsolving will include the armed forces.

At the same time, happily, the church of England seems to be on the right course, and so in the fight, we still have some positive results of the crackdown on the Islamists. But as Enoch Powell said, it will be rivers of blood.

Better start arming before that fight, ideologically and materially.

Philosophers are not supposed to be politically correct, we are supposed to see and say things other people are not able to. That is why I say; be prepared, the Charlie Hebdo massacre was just the begining, it will escalate.

G-d bless us all, in the face of the war we are entering.

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