The path

tumblr_mo8mfdzXJh1s5re8vo1_500There is a lot of problems in Europe these days, as a prophet of a kind, in the old Jewish mold, I believe, that my predictions have come through, and the path that I have laid out is the path mankind, at least the European kind, is walking. In slow beats, down that path, full of thorns and yet with a bright little star at the end, illuminating our worried and wrinkeld chins.

Mankind will always walk in the shadow of evil, trying with each step, to be a little closer to the light, but the valleys are full of desolation and mediocracy.

Now, as a forethought, I believe, that the European people have chosen my path due to the realization, that if you live in the valley of darkness, true light is the only salvation. Honesty, beauty and love is the only path out of darkness. At the other hand, I believe, that darkness has to be fought. In the study room of Jesus Christ, that wise old Jew, there was this story about the end of times, and how good and evil would stand facing each other in that final Ragnarok, in that final trial of mankind. At the end of my trial, we will see if that is so, if we really stumbled and fought our way through all those dark encounters, where we tried and suffered and lost all, just to regain a little.

But that little is the quality of life, and peace.

Let there be light, the old Jew said, let there be kindness he said, let there be love he said. And all arose to meet him in his embrace, because they thought he was right, and peace finally would descend upon mankind. But then he said; you will have to fight first, fight your own prejudice and frailty, your own enemies.

G-d bless all, who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the poor and the needy, for the right causes, and for beauty, not just for power.

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