Business and church

There is an ongoing discussion in England between the Anglican Church and the current prime minister of Great Britain. To try and elevate and understand the discussion in a deeper theoretical sense, I would like to try and build a basis under it.

First of all, the current political policies, that has changed the economical situation of the realm, is coined in a kind of anti free market thinking, with respect of free market thinking. So to really understand the current policies, you have to embrace economics. Economics used to be Keynes against Adam Smith. Keynes defining an incentive policy for mainly the Democratic of Socialdemocratic part of the political sphere, and Adam Smith recommending a free market theory to the conservatives.

This changed in what we know as Obamanomics. A mix of Puritan no nonsense saving policy, and a focused help on the patriotic business and production companies of the nation.

So in a sense, this is actually the very conservative part of the policies that Obama has implemented in the US. It has helped the country tremendously, we are looking at five percent growth per annum. The deeper calculus in this idea has been, apart from the ideas that spurred me in the book where Adam Smith talks about ethics as the base of society, an analysis of the strengths of western culture. We are free and creative. This gives us a clear advantage in the area of research and development. We are very good at inventing things and coming up with new ideas. Exactly the quality we are fighting for in the Hebdo controversy, the freedom to challenge the taboos and realizing new ideas. But, if we redistribute the production of our new ideas to cultures that are often enemies, we will undermine our own strengths, in effect giving our own progress to our enemies. So we need to haul our production facilities back, and put that great mark of our products saying Made in America or Made in England. This idea follows the ideology of the business environment, who are often old fashioned bible thumping, family based dynasties, who are proud of their contribution to the society, and see their mission more as a service to the nation than a money piling business.

In effect, all are happy, businesses thrive, new jobs are created, politicians show good digit growth and the West as such gets the economical basis for its own good, and can defend its freedom.

So, there is in fact nothing unsolidaric about the idea, on the contrary, it is based on solidarity and good will. It is a church thing after all.

I know that both the Church of England and the Conservatives are fighting for their life, but truly the fight is not in antagonism, it is in fact the same fight, as I see it. The fight for an identity of England that is really sustainable in the long run. A feeling of sharing and loving, if you really look at the basis of it.

There are things brewing in Europe, that will give both the policymakers and the church a great blow. In this time where people are eager for a fight, and, honestly, the fight is coming, we need to stick together, and fight for the wellbeing of our societies without pointing fingers at each other, we need to walk together, not separate.

G-d bless England

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