Archangel_TyraelWe pray for redemption, we understand that the end is near, we relive the destruction of our temples, and yet there is hope for another round of fighting in the phalanx of ligth. Be that hero of justice, of good and spirit.

Yet we concur and take another step, jumping from stepstone to stepstone, trying to survive.

There is good news in the papers today, the spiritual guides seems to whisper. Another redemption, another round in the ring is being prepared, because we have faith. Faith in spirit, and faith in the afterlife.

We know that one day, the almighty father in heaven will relive the mission to us earthbound, in search of his blessing. He will once again stand there with all his might and joy, telling us humble beings, that we will we go forward in his light. Once again is there space for us bening beings at his side. Once again will we believe in him, to turn another page in that long forgotten tale of old. To understand that he be with us, as our crutch, as our hailing and guiding star, as our lighthouse, as our belief in spirit, good and all that is full of joy and love.

Once again will we turn our tired chins to the light, and be warmed in his ligth, to know, that we as people, yes people of the earth will relive his spirit in our tiny hearts, and as these hearts grow in love and kindness, will he, again prowl the earth, and give the humans their blessing.

Once again will we be saved by his grace, because we have found his will and his tender yet strong helping hand. Once again will we rise as men, be humane and gentle, be honest and simple, be disciples of his grace in his gaze. In one with all that is beyond our recogning and understanding. Once again will freedom and honesty reign the earth, as his will is heard beyond the farthest reaches.

May you, my dearest friend be blessed as all are willing to sacrifice humanity in the dirtiest war seen ever.

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