Well, after many years of persecution by the Danish populace, system, law system, media and the PET. I suppose it is a little difficult to turn around and put me in a position of comparable indisgression and respect.

After trying to make me shut up, and torturing my children. It is a little difficult to step back and say, well, I am sorry.

Well, being sorry is not enough, that will only make another Jew persecution possible to happen in the disgraced state of Denmark. Is that not right? Another pogrom, another KZ camp for the unbelievers of the Danish holy system. Another little rubber cell to put the dissidence in, so that they will shut up.

Well, there is no doubt, that the solution is simple, this is what I propose. We negotiate.

Denmark, as a system have stepped over my red line, by torturing my child. It makes me sad, and I do not wish it to happen again. Therefor I propose a solution where both parties will come away happier.

The Danish state will get rid of a huge problem that is growing day by day, and threatens to pull the plug of the state, if someone should decide that torturing little Jewish girls is not something we need to see in this world too much, and not again.

The proposal is like this. I will settle with a huge recompensation in different areas.

First academically. I want a full recognition of my work in all fields of study. That is politics, economics, metaphysics, business and psychology.

Then I want an economic compensation, for the imprisoment brought by the state, and the public. It should be of a vast sum, so that it will be felt harshly on the state. No less than a hundred million. And that is my offer.

Then there is the media precense, I want a full recognition of my work as philosopher, publicly. By the state and by the media itself.

These are my terms.

If not met, I will accelerate the political pressure.

G-d bless our right to be free

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