The princess of Israel

rakelAs we concur and live out lives, there are good moments and bad moments. Sometimes you wish you had chosen another route than the one you chose.

When I began my political career I was young. I had all the power and courage of young man. Therefor I stood up to the Goliath called PET. The STASI of Denmark, I did it to make a better world, a world where the secret police does not work behind the scenes to fight dissidence but are confined within the space normally limited out to a secret police; spying. I remember when I told it to Anders Gravers from the resistance, he was really impressed, and I felt like a … of a guy.

Things change when you make a family though. Not only are you given responsibility for your wife, but also for your kids. Kids are something that is hard to describe. The feelings you get when you see them grow, the absurd nights you do not sleep, and the pride you feel when they are good to other people. When they are givers and not takers. But, then again with them you feel, and are a lot more vulnerable. They are the most precious you have, and they are extremely fragile.

Well, the PET must have felt the same, when they saw my little Rakel. It happened like this.

My wife and I decided to put Rakel in a nursery home run by the common wealth here in Denmark. It is pretty cheap, and my wife wanted to continue here studies.

At that point of my child’s development, she was a smiler. Each morning when she rose, she put on the most beautiful little smile, and she was a giver. Always giving her things away, not taking anything.

That changed when she started at the nursery home. She changed. In the beginning I did not really notice, I had just started on a new job, so I was totally wasted each evening when I came home. But she changed. My little sunbeam became sour and started crying.

I checked the nursery home, and it appeared to me that something was wrong. She was put in the most harsh condition possibly. To a rookie nurse, and three elder children, all male, who beatet her everyday. Now my spouse and I disagreed on moving, she was too stressed. And all I could do was to fight with the poor rookie nurse. I told to step up, gave her tools, started contacting the common wealth. But, really I had no support from them, and the poor nurse just had to work on it.

I never really realized what happened. Not untill yesterday, when I met the new leader of the nursery institution, who were all on my side – all of a sudden. There I realized what had happened.

The STASI had not only tried to target me through all the other means they had at their disposal; media black out, tax regulation system, infiltration of my family. No, they had decided to take the wrath out on my little princess as well. Giving her the most difficult conditions possible.

This little princess of Israel was beaten and tortured for three to four months.

Take that Asger. We will torture your kid if you do not shut up.

This is the face of PET.

Will Israel accept this? That their little princess is tortured and beaten? What is Israel really? The weak state not able to tackle child abuse, or the light of all jews?

G-d bless the truth and the light of Israel.

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