Well, now the negotiations between the US, Russia, Israel and Denmark have become a bit of a nightmare. I never wished this to happen, and I realize, that it is a great opportunity we are risking to lose.

Negotiations are like this: We define the beginning, both parts, then we try to fight for a concession from the opponent, give a little here, and take a little there. If the negotiation is between two parties equally strong, there are a good chance, that the solution will balance, if one participant is much stronger than the other a situation where the one part will lose in the negotiation is really dangerous. This is something we need to work upon.

If we look at the peace of Versailles after the first world war, this peace treaty is an example of an unequal peace. The Germans and the Habsburgs lost, and were given severe penalties. This was the true background of the second world war.

Now, therefore we need at peace treaty that both parties will walk away from feeling it to be fair. What is fairness? According to Pythagoras, justice is five in the row of zero to ten. If one partie walks away with a four and the other a surplus in terms of justice, one party has suffered an injustice.

To make a lasting peace we need to make a peace that balances the power off one to one.

That is. Both parties should leave their outset equally to meet exactly in the middle.

G-d bless justice.

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