statue-of-liberty-statue-of-liberty-32355417-1152-864We need to be honest in regards to the oncoming conflict with the jihadist on the European peninsula; they are there, and they armed. It does not work if we are not absolutely honest about this. This does not imply a 100% rejection of all Muslims, there are many who are on our side as well. But there are many who are not.

But we need to look at what they are actually threatening in this conflict. Is it our security – yes. Is it our economy – no. Is it the vibe of the countries – yes. Is it the systems of the countries – yes.

See the point. What they are threatening is not the economic infrastructure. Not our ability to fight them, but the complete take over of the democratic constitutions we have decided to love and have decided we need to keep. There are other threats as well, but the largest threat right now, is the complete take over of our democracies. Already in vast areas of France, Belgium, Denmark, UK and Sweden, the democratic constitution is not the basis we rule upon. There are other rules as the rule of the strong, and in some places Sharia law. Now, there is nothing wrong with Sharia law in other countries, but the democratic law is what we have in Europe, and we should be prepared to fight for it.

How do we do that. There are several modes of implication. First of all, we need the armed forces ready. I have covered that in earlier postings. Secondly we need to tackle the infiltration of the states. The Brothers have infiltrated the school system, the law system, media and the cultural life. Here in Denmark we have a band called Outlandish who are open supporters of The Muslim Brotherhood. Allied with some pretty mean socialist politicians and media as well as cultural people, they are left untouched. It is clear, that the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the soft parts of the state has to face some consequences to their support. It should not be free, and at least some open criticism of the strategy should be allowed, even better; fierce anti Moslem Brotherhood laws should be implemented. After all, working with them is working with the enemy.

There are many trends and many stages of realization and public discussion. From Denmark, which is very free, to Sweden wich is absolutely repressive.

We need to tackle this in order to clean up our states and get into a fighting state.

After all, what we lose if we lose our democracies, is our freedom.

G-d bless the free.

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