Well, now, Europe is in a terrible danger. The odds are stacking up, and the solutions are few. There is however one solution, as I have written a little about in some of the former postings.

Europe should be ready now for the change, and I am in a position I have never dreamed about. I thought I would remain a Nelson Mandela type, wrapped up in my prison cell, and trying to solve the problems of the entire planet with a knife at my throat. Now, somehow things have changed, I am the savior and the shining knight in newly polished armor set out to save Europe.

Well, this the plan.

We know, that The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda have set up camp in Europe, the centre is in London, and most European countries have a serious representation of the Brothers.

We need to do something to smoke them out. Egypt was only first stage in an ongoing fight.

Well, if we end up absolutely corrupted by the fight, the fight is over then. We need to be better and shape up our systems, not destroy it slowly as we have done the last hundred years – some.

First of all, we need our security apparatus to kick in and to get in shape. The militaries are still en prime condition, and they are, most of them, battle hardened in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the internal security apparatus is in a devastated condition. First of all, it is totally demoralized by political correctness and lack of self-esteem. Add to this a serious infiltration of not only MB personnel but other foreign threats as well. We need to act to clean it up.

The secret services are absolute corrupted, as we have seen in the case of Tommy Robinson, where they tried to ruin his family, take away his money and so on. This is not justice. The secret services are supposed to spy only, if they wish a specific judgment, well they should go to the police and the law system. We need to be on the right side of the law, if we wish to continue as a serious states. There is another argument for a more serious and just secret service, and that is the fact, that a well working secret service, that works in tandem with the police, the military and the justice system is paramount in the fight we are entering with the Muslim Brotherhood. IT HAS TO WORK.

If they refuse, just scrap them and let the secret service of the military take over, they are loyal and not as infiltrated as the normal secret service.

Then we need to address the issue of Nationhood. We need to make a change from a concentration of power in the EU administration and send back power to the national parliaments. Why? Because the EU administration is wanton, and not working. We do not have the time and the resources to work on a EU dream forever, it does not work, so we need to tone down its influence and give power back to what we know works; the national parliaments. This does not include a total deconstruction of the EU, it just has to work on the spheres where it makes sense; in transnational police work, in free markets, and some kind of international law system that is not as corrupt as the current system. The point is; we need, in the national parliaments to face the threat and work on it.

Each country can then try specific measures, and we can then work on the best practices.

But, in order to remake our economy and public sector we need to focus on the Nation-state again and the challenges there.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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