IMG_2205I have been thinking a little about the reason why Rakel got the harsh treatment by the Danish STASI. Why really? Why did they do it, she was only one year old, and yet she had to go through three months of torture. What is really the motivation for such a heinous act?

Well it is quite simple, really. Just before she started in the nursery, around three four months before. I had a huge fight with the STASI over a conference they had held in Copenhagen. At the conference a hardcore Islamist from Pakistan was invited, payed and set up by the STASI.This shows their colors, but not only did they invite the criminal, they did it on 9/11. Just the day when the famous Two Towers were hit in the US.

The insult was so severe, that a whole lot of American secret servicemen were going ballistic, and off cause, for me, it was a personal insult. We do not insult our friends in this manner, no matter how much of a self-righteous and evil character you have.

So I blogged a whole lot about it, and to my satisfaction, it got stopped to some degree. They still went on and held the meeting, but on a lower level of attendees. The director was supposed to show up in the first place.

So, this is why they tortured Rakel. Because I defended American interests in Denmark.

So you see, the insult of torturing a little Jewish girl is not only on me and off cause Israel. But it is a direct address to the US. What they are saying is, we will torture the kids of your friends, if they support you. We are certain that the enemies of America are our friends, and we are certain that it is our right to do and collaborate with them, at our own expense.

Will America stand for this? I mean, was Iran even worse, when they had their worst time. Yes they fought against the US. But it was not in a disrespectful manner. They simply fought for their version of reality. The Danish system is constantly provoking with torture and antisemitism, just to show how strong and independent they are from pressure from outside.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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