imageWhen i started having trouble with the STASI, it happened as I made my own family. It was difficult, because at that time I was both extremely respected as an intellectual, but mostly just hated.

But, you know, after writing about love for three years, I finally found my Maria. A girl anyone would die to have, at least that is as I see it. Often I get quite tired of her, after long nights with no sleep, but in the end, I always come back to the fact, that she is exceptionally wise and beautiful, and I feel blessed having such a wonderful person around me.

The thing is, she always have been there, through all the hard times, through all the fears of having this or that enemy knocking at my door. She just stayed behind me, and took whatever came. In a situation where I breathe politics, that is a lucky thing.

I remember when I started reading Alinsky. He had this little gem of wisdom I put to my mind as something valuable. He said that politics and love are two things that do not mix very well. The constant pressure seems to wear the relationship down. But then he said, that in very rare cases, there was actually couples who got stronger from each other. Somehow the relationship made them capable of doing more.

I knew when I read that, that finding the right woman, would not be easy. She would have to be strong and loyal.

Well Alinsky is right, I realize, that having Maria is a blessing. She makes me stronger, not weaker. She pulls out the best in me, not the worst, and I am happy to say, that we are real friends. All she had to go through to support me, and live our lives is not something most women would be able to.

So, yes, she is my soulmate, that is true.

Now, what is a real soulmate? Well, to understand that, we need to go back to where it all started. It started with Akhenaten, he coined the first ideas of monotheism. As I have tried to relay, these ideas are more than just artificial ideas, Akhenaten had a deeper understanding of the world and universe. He believed, that getting close to G-d would only happen through the connection to other people. We are intelligence, this is the spark of G-d we have in our selves. But this little spark is encapsulated by matter, and it is lonely inside that matter. Connecting with intelligence that is not only one self, is done through a long and difficult process. This is why he envisioned family. It is the vehicle to transcend the boundaries of matter and reach other parts of that spark of G-d that we miss here on earth. It is a substitution for the real thing which is being surrounded by love and G-d all the time, but it is the only process we can endure, that will bring ourselves closer to real emancipation of the material world.

This is why we marry, and make families, it is because in that union we can be ourselves again, more complete and heal ourselves from all the adversaries we meet on our way.

Understanding this makes other relationships understandable as well. Friendship is the same. It is a transcendence of the material world, a way to reach heaven here on earth if we are good enough.

This is the real idea of Akhenaten, he wanted us to reach the bottom of our souls in the eyes of our loved ones.

G-d bless the family.

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