New paradigm in the game of great powers

Looking at the world through the lens of history, can often change your behaviour at the present. We have entered the 21´st century, and the rules of the game have changed.

Let us look at that.

Two hundred years ago the European imperial ambition and rule was extremely brutal. Some of the things that happened in South America and Africa is so vile that any sane person would vomit just at the thought of it. Let me give you and example. Belgium was a very small player in the imperial game. As a kind of outcast and divided country people did not care much for its actions, giving the Belgian king almost unbridled control of his personal belongings in Africa. He was not only king of Belgium, he was also king of Congo. A country emerged in violence, black magic and jungle.

The great novelist Joseph Conrad was a merchant man, and he sailed into the depth of the Congolese jungle, into “The heart of darkness”, all filled with savage actions of all that were there. The whisper of Mr. Kurtz, is still heard in our civilization in the american film epos called “Apocalypse now”, as the helicopters dawns upon the helpless Vietnamese to the sound of the Valkyries.

The point is, European imperialism was not held responsible in any way due to the lack of direct connection between the ruler and the ruled. The Belgian king Leopold never set foot in Congo, and yet he ruled. This gave a calous and hard understanding of the way to treat the “savages”.

Joseph Conrad was one of the main critiques of the inhuman rule that Europe put on the earth. He simply could not take it. And it was much more the internal criticism of European imperialism that actually stopped it than in was the freedom movements around the world. This is very much exemplified in the work of Mahatma Ghandi, who never lifted a finger against England, he used non violence. Why was that so effective, because it communicated the simple truth back to the English public; you are abusing us.

Now, the latest scandal of the world has been the spying by NSA on almost all who have power in the world. It is the same simple mechanism that gave Conrad and Gandhi their victories, it points fingers at the might of the imperial power, IF they do something unethical. Mind you, the example of Congo and the example of NSA are not comparable in the extent of the grave human consequences applied to the fault, compared to Leopold. But the mechanism is the same.

The interesting thing is, that it is not only the West who are subject to this mechanism. The middle East is the same. When Morsi tried to change the constitution beyond what the Egyptian populace would accept, he was put off power.

The mechanism has accelerated over time. And it is really simple. Two hundred years ago communication was extremely slow. Conrad would write a book, it went to the press and ultimately made an impression on the public. So from the experience Conrad had, to the effect on society, many, many years passed.

It is different today. Things have sped up dramatically. From when the scandal of the Vatileaks was begun to the effect there are few years. The same goes with the NSA scandal.

The basic point is; the world has become much, much more transparent.

This forces the persons of power to an ethical behaviour. Take the progress of The Middle East. When we truly try to be honest and not make all kinds of tricks in the background, things progress. If we try to trick each other, it is the other way around. The winner is the most honest of all the players.

This was the strategical principle Obama and I initiated and based the Arab spring on, and the principle that is the ground on which we build the current victories on in the negation with Iran.

We do this to make a better world, not to cheat anybody.

So, this works. It should be the basic principle for all who wants to make progress and win glory for their countries and people. Not because I say so, but because this is the way the world works in the 21´st century.

G-d bless the wisdom of all who are true.

And just for the information of Denmark, I will accelerate the confrontation within a few days if negotiations are not opened.

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