Michelangelo,_David_and_Goliath_02Well, now the Danish public, or someone in charge has opted not to meet my demands of a negotiation. Mind you, it is not about a settled deal, just an initiation with someone in charge.

This is the situation, as of now.

The US and Israel has opted in. I have received, as it is in international politics, signs of support. The Danish public do not know how The Great Game really works. I will hereby give you an introduction.

The Great Game works with hints. No one will ever, not until negotiations starts, or there is a direct military confrontation, tell what they really mean. But they will hint.

I have been hinted, by my American friends, and by Israel. The hints are clear, they are behind me.

Ok, what does that mean in effect. In effect it means, that Denmark, as a state is pretty much isolated in Nato. That is, if someone from any country in the world would consider attacking Denmark, in any way. The US would not come to Denmark’s rescue. France neither, and perhaps Germany would be a part of a defense of Denmark. But, really, if the root cause of Denmark’s isolation is an attempt on a Jewish girl at the age of one, probably Germany would stay out of the conflict. Considering the history of Germany.

So, as of now, Denmark is effectively stripped of allies.

Tomorrow, I will escalate the mission one step up. I say this only once, but Denmark would, if there is ANY responsible heads of state, start the negotiations. The acceleration will leave Denmark in a VERY difficult situation. With a possible result counting millions of casualties, as war is like that.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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