New faith

Looking at the deeper crisis of the West, we must recognize, that we are the end of a cycle and have the potential of new beginning. That is, if we survive as a culture at the end of this.

The last great cycle of development, was the advent of science as a power to change our reality. 

At the French renaissance, science stepped in where faith was predominant before. What we call the enlightenment was good in the sense, that it gave the Western and eastern a powerful push forward. But now the enlightenment has come to a screeching stop. 

Faith in the version of Islam, which is one of the strongest systems of faith, is challenging science as the only explanation of the world. Where the West before was adamantly antireligion, now it accepts, in fact promotes Islam for some strange reason. 

But if you look at it from a philosophical perspective, the comeback of faith gives room for faith, of faith delivers some reasonable and good answers. If faith goes down on the world as a pest and an inhuman explanation to the world, it will loose the chance it has got now. 

We can boot another cycle of human progress, if we somehow make an answer to the current predicament through the wise conduct of faith, if we start another world war, that IS is doing, then faith will not be the answer. 

So much more than just the war on IS rides on this confrontation, the role of religion rides on it as well. 

Can faith be a progressive, positive force in the world, or is it a servant to the vilest tendencies of human life. 

The answer to that still blows in the wind, but we are living in interesting times indeed.

G-d bless the will to find new answers.

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