It seems to me, that the young generation of Democracts are more socialists than Democrat. 

Do not get me wrong, progressive tax is a good thing, it brings harmony to a society if it is done rightly. But it cannot work unless you have closed borders. So it is with public health, with the right mindset, this is also a good thing. 

Caring for the nature is also a good thing. If it is done by focusing on the real perpetrators. I mean, the ocean is suffocating in garbage, that is a REAL threat to the beauty of the sea. The rainforest in Borneo is in these days destroyed by the greed of humans. The amazing sloth is raped and exterminated. There is a true and desperate cause there to fight for. It is also quite easy, just do not buy anything with palm fat in it. 

But the FANATISCISM of a Democratic republic is not in these fringe topics. These topics are important now, but the core subjects that one should be fanatical about is not the humanistic or socialistic topics, it is what drives DEMOCRACY. Freedom of speech, the encroaching danger of Islamic state, the loss of faith in the tenets of the Republic. 

To keep your faith, be fanatical, sacrifice yourself, but choose your subjects to be fanatical about with care. 

To keep the Republic alive, you need to stand up for it, and see where it is threatened. 

Be vigilant, be prepared for the revolution that carries within it a promise of rights of the citizen and freedom for all. 

You are blessed with many good politicians, compared to the ones we have in Europe. 

Your politicians actually care about serving you, and not serving themselves. They are not perfect, but they actually do care about the constitution, and the defense of it. 

You should also be caring about those values, whoever you are. 

Have a look at the constitution, and you will find plenty of things to be fanatical about. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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