The Temple

Understanding the monotheistic faith, there is one thing, that one needs to understand in order to truly appreciate the depth of the ideas  behind Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

The Temple is where the three faiths has its core tenents praised and developed. 

So what is the Temple of Solomon really. The Temple that is the centre of Jerusalem, and should be rebuilt by the Messiah?

It is actually built by Phoenicians, that Solomon befriended in the time of the first Israel. 

You can see it by the copycat job that it truly was, that of the copycat job of the Phoenician Temple of Tyre. 

Read the Bible, and you can see for yourself, that the first Israel was an intimate ally of the Phoenicians, so intimate, that some of the secrets of this ancient and peaceful people of Lebanon was given to Solomon. 

What were these secrets that was given to Solomon and praised at the temple?

Well, you can see it by the entrance of the temple. Two brass columns were erected there, a copy of the columns of the Temple of Tyre, which were the column of severity and the column of mercy. That is, the two central columns of the Cabbalstic tree.

In other words, the first idea of the balance between mercy and severity is the very point of the first temple. 

Today this core idea is still valid. As above so below is another way to underscore the point that to live in balance, you need to see when to be severe and when to be merciful. 

G-d bless the will to see things as they are. 

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