The understanding

There are a lot of people here in the West that really hate Muslims. They see Muslims as essentially lower beings, criminals, rapists, childmolester, just all bad in humankind. 

At the other hand, there are a lot of Muslims, that see the West as decadent, immoral, lustful, deceiving and sinful. 

Both is, seen from each perspective true, if you look at each other from the perspective of sin, seen from each other’s perspective. 

It is true, that in the Muslim world, the sins are the the above, and it is true, that the sins in the Western world is the above mentioned. 

I solved this riddle by looking at the Muslim world from the perspective of what we are in a good day here in the West: Democratic, humanistic. If we are what we are supposed to be in the West; fighting for freedom, sacrificing ourselves for the tribe and the ability to be free, what would that make the worst Muslims? It would make them freedom hating. 

That gave us the term “islamists”. That is Muslims that fight for a Muslim political system. 

Since many in the Muslim world actually like our system, and see the benefit of the Democratic\humantistic philosophy, the work Obama and I did, made us a lot of friends. 

So, when we in the West are NOT sinful, but uphold our own values, there is a path of peace. It leaves the critical Muslims at the fringe of the Muslim world, because, contrary to popular perception, Muslims are actually not stupid or evil, they just see the world through a slightly different prism.

This means, that the medication that I prescribed, that can actually solve the problem of jihadi Islam worked. 

So, that is why I believe, that we should still focus on Islamic State, and fighting them. Because this brings up the best in ourselves. The fight for a free and humanistic world, where we see the world through a prism of understanding and a deep humanity. 

At the other hand, we need to fight the corrupt elements of our own society. Those who do not wish to follow the Democratic course, but surrenders the cause to vie for a standstill in the fight. 

The ones who tell us to ‘carry on, mind the gap, do not think’. They are actually the true enemy of us all. The apathy, the lack of moral backbone, those who look away as the jihadis do inhuman things to our own children. 

So in a sense, we all fight the corruption of our own society, with different means, in different theatres, but with the same aim, to find a way to live peacefully besides each other, in a harmonious world.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts, and good actions.

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