New tactics

Well we are entering another phase of the ongoing confrontation with the Muslim Brotherhood. The first phase is over. The headquarters in Egypt have been demolished, and they have fled to London and other places of the world.

We need to look at the confrontation from a new angle. Before they had a huge supply of contacts and resources from most European countries, but that has diminished.

It is not over however, they still have a strong foothold in many capitals and many countries around the world. That is Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Libya and other Sunni Muslim countries.

Add to this a staunch support by especially Northern European countries as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. There you have the reach of The Brothers.

Now, the conquest of Europe has been diminished a bit. A sound foundation on a serious philosophy is in place in France, England and partly Denmark and Germany. The southern European countries seem to be emerged in either a vile nazi political discourse, or a vile communist discourse. That is a huge problem.

Now, we need to understand the methods of the Brothers to combat them. It is all about schemes, counter schemes, embedded agents, collaboration with governments on all levels. You see; cold war strategies.

We need to tackle that.

Now, I have focused a bit on Denmark the last week, basically because they started persecuting Rakel, but also to try to develop a strategy to counter the Islamization of Denmark.

We cannot reach these guys with dialogue, they do not wish to speak with us. But we can apply pressure on central control systems to try to push the over in the liberal camp.

My feeling is, that something is happening. The nurses taking care of Rakel were very, very nice to me yesterday. So pressure can be applied to counter the Islamization of the states.

So, we need to apply pressure on all levels, as I have proposed and otherwise.

I think England is a good example of how pressure works. Tommy Robinson have applied pressure for a long time, and now they are finally listening to what he says. So it is possible to turn the states around.

So we need to slowly step up the pressure on the control system, in order to swing the entire states over.

Some are so entrenched in Islam, that it is impossible to turn them around, here I talk about Sweden. But Norway and Denmark are still in reach of a good democratic development.

In a few months the Iran negotiations will be finished, after that we can philosophize a bit over new tactics to counter the Brothers.

G-d bless the free.

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