Target list

The targets are as follows, prioritized with the most difficult first and the least difficult last.

PET, score: 40

Pet is the secret service of Denmark. It is embedded in most of the state, that is, it has control over most of the digital arms of the state. That is the tax department, personal register and departments as social services and education. It is a simple organization with a medium level of skill. It is centered in Copenhagen, where it has a huge central. It works as usual at intel gathering and pressure on political opponents of the state. Usually conservative opponents to the liberal state. Here again the severity of the methods are medium. They usually do note kill anyone officially but use pressure through family, exclusion of society, job nullification, and other kinds of pressure. To target them, you would need a serious attack plan, and not only physical attack, but a well established network of agents embedded in the organization taking it apart bit from bit. So, as a consequence it is the work of the clandestine branch, and it will take time to accomplish. It would a job best suited for a very professional secret agency, and only one that is able to enter on the full discretion of their country.

The tax system, score: 30

The tax system is a very professional and competent organisation. It knows the whereabouts of all citizens of Denmark, the skill to manipulate the acquisition of money from each citizen is beyond compare in the world. They collaborate with the PET, and are actively targeting dissidents of the state. Lately my own person, but also many other who are seen as enemies of the state. The most obvious attack method is that of computer virus. This is also a very high attack skill form. But we know that viruses as the Stuxnet worm and other weapons like that are easy to implement at the Tax system, and as soon as it is implemented, the entire system can be put to halt and destroyed. Alternatively you can target individual tax employees. Preferably the persons who have worked directly on my case. If you need additional info, please do not hesitate to ask, I can provide the details.


Here there are several individual players, prioritized below, with comments to each player.

Danmarks Radio, score: 10

This is the main official media outlet. It is not large and not small. There are however a web of different departments within the organization. The trick is to go for the news part. That is both radio as well as television. Add to the the youth department P3, which is openly antisemitic and pro Islamitic. There are several inroads in that organization, just take your pick, that is an easy target compared to the two first.

Berlingske Tidende, score: 7

This newspaper/online paper is the “conservative” newspaper of Denmark. There are a few good journalists. But among other less good journalist, they have had the notorious commentator and “prime lawman” Machangama. He is a scam, and should be taken down as such.

The newspaper is a part of the vicious circle of megacontrol, and is a legitimate target.

Strategically it can be infiltrated or worked upon in any manner you wish, it is a relative easy target.

Jyllands Posten, score: 3

This newspaper is the other “conservative” newspaper. It is famous since it started the cartoon crisis. It is not the most obvious target. That would be Berlingske Tidende.

Trykkefrihedsselskabet, score: 3

The most phony think tank of Denmark is the think tank called “Free speech society”. It has nothing to do with free speech, actually it is the exact opposite, I have been branded a terrorist, a traitor and what not by this organisations. Main targets are Katrine Winkel Holm, and the lawyer Karoly Németh These are easy targets.

Simple targets

Simple targets are:

The local communal service that made the logistics behind Rakels torture. Do not include the nurses, they are without guilt, but the coordination centre at Aalborg kommune. It is called distribution online, and can be found here.

Søn­der­bro 12
9000 Aal­borg
Tlf. 9931 2820

Score: 2.

The local tax collection bureau in Aalborg, they have been the executives on a whole lot of persecution. They are called skat, and their address is here:

Lyngvej 2
72 22 18 18

Score: 2.

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