War decleration

geneva-conventionThis is it, there are no more chances, no more extra delays. Finally Denmark is at war with all three monotheistic religions, South America, part of North America, the Middle East including the Arab countries, Israel, Egypt and Iran.

To the East I hope to include Russia and the Eastern European bloque, to west of Europe France, and perhaps England.

Now wars have certain rules. There is the Geneva convention, so no attacks on civilian, no chemical attacks and only attacks on legitimate targets.

What are legitimate targets. To be a legitimate target you have to be a soldier in the army of a given country.

Since the army internally is the control system of the country. All the control system and their employees are legitimate targets. That is the secret service, the media sponsored by the state, the publishing houses attached to the system and the think tanks sponsored by the state somehow.

These are legitimate targets. Not their family members or their friends. We have to be absolutely precise with this.

So I hereby declare Denmark war until cease-fire or the initation of negotiations.

My terms are defined in the previous posting. But to reiterate:

1. Academic recognition. I want a full recognition of my work in all fields of study. That is politics, economics, metaphysics, business and psychology.

2. Economic compensation. No less than two hundred million. (Risen from a hundred million)

3. Media presence. I want a full recognition of my work as philosopher, publicly. By the state and by the media itself.

G-d bless the free.


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