Ability and intention

In the ongoing negotiations between Mr. Kerry and Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif ,we need to take a step back and evaluate the situation. The first compromise did not meet the expectations of Israel, and we have to think anew again.

Here we need to understand what we are discussing. First of all, there is the ability, secondly there is the intention. The ability of Iran is what we are discussing, and the ability that it will converge the world towards.

Iran has argued that the atomic program is only for peaceful purpose, and made to make energy for the Iranian energy sector. Israel has argued that the aim is not peaceful energy production, but a project to enable Persia the ability to produce atomic warheads.

See the point; each side disagree about the potential ability of the atomic program.

This is the key. Israel and its friends should define what they believe are specific items of the Persian program, that make them able to produce atomic warheads. And on the other hand Iran should define the items the need to make a production of energy.

The negotiations should then reflect the discussion on each item; is it an item that will produce weapons or not. I personally do not know the intimate details of atomic warhead production, so this is the field for the experts.

The solution should then be a deal where Iran retains all its progress in peaceful atomic energy production, and dismantle the items for warhead production.

There should also be made a draft for future progress of the atomic production; which fields are open for development, and which fields are closed for production.

 Then there is the intention. There are the hawks and the doves. I believe we need the hawks to focus on something that would actually enrich their countries, and vice versa the doves focusing on something that would enrich their countries.

As a consequence, it is much better for the doves to focus on the close vicinity, and the hawks on wars far away. This makes the war less painful on the local citizens, and it does the job anyway.

This is one of the reasons I have proposed a renewed focus on Scandinavia and Denmark. It is far away, and it is in the hands of the enemy.

We need peace in the Middle East to rebuild the lore and the pride of the center of religion.

G-d bless the peace we may envision and implement.

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