The unity of the World against the Danish public

Honestly, the Danish public have not the most elemental idea of who they are actually trifling with.

Ok, let me try to make it clear. Let us take some of the forces you have significantly offended by torturing rakel.

Take Russia, this grand and old land of the men of north. They are on course of new glory. In the midst lie a firm belief in the man of north and the inheritance of him. This is a friend of mine. He, the mighty and strong warrior. As you have insulted me, you have insulted him. He has at his disposal a vast range if weaponry, both physical as well as strange devises of a magnificence no one actually understand. He is rising and he is hungry for glory, this is his battle field, he wants to win the glory of the new world, and the targets his friend has put up, he knows it to be the tool to win glory.

Then there is America. Right now, this great and wise country is downgrading its involment in international affairs, to save some money, and rebuild the state and industry. But do not underestimate the vast powers of America. You know only little of the reach of its finest measures, but you will know it, when the dam breaks and the water is spilled.

Then we have THREE world religions with all its warriors; knights, jihadis, Maccabees. These are without much control. But they are also hungry for glory. You have defiled their princess with your insults, you will bear the heavy weight of their recompensation as you will see the land filled with warriors ready to spill the blood of the defilers of their holy family.

This is the prospect. And yet you concur.

To me it is the most absurd folly ever seen.

G-d bless the free.

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