When we look at the peace process in the Middle East, we need to hark back to the first tenure of mr. Barack Obama to understand the full breath of the process.

Barack and I hooked up in the beginning of his president period, I was a runt and a revolutionary, and Barack was the new president of the United States of America. A fit cooperation, and in a sense beautiful. That a world power can become revolutionary in its mature state. But America really needed it, because it needed a boost in the basic sense of ideology. So we worked on spreading democracy, and we did get a long way in the Middle East, but we also made a lot of mistakes. But all in all, the world is a better place today than when we started.

Then the late pope his eminence Benedict XVI also made his mark, and proposed a fight for peace. I believe this mission connected well with what we tried in the Arab spring, we wanted democracy, but it should end up in a more peaceful world, not less peaceful.

So in the end of the presidency, we really worked for peace, and it came to a convergence after the new president in Iran and a huge shift in internal politics in Israel. Then the Muslim Brotherhood fell, and all of a sudden, the basic groundwork for peace was there, like a bit of a miracle.

The presidential election really brought some progress too, especially in the economic sphere, but I suppose it took some of energy out of the revolution, and having a baby made my life much more complicated.

Anyway, we slipped a little, but the groundwork was still aligned for peace, and in other areas we really progressed, especially in the advent of religion, where the fight for the life of G-d was fought brilliantly by the new pope his eminence Francis.

Now, after the peace process in Israel/Palestine started, it wrecked the process to some extent, because we had aligned it otherwise, but it seems to me, that the entire Middle East is still waiting for the reinitiation of the process we started in the first presidency to go on, because it brought a lot of hope, and it was invested in by some of the best and most illustrious leaders of the world.

This is, more or less the story, with hope for a new and reinitiated process.

G-d bless the will to compromise and find new ways.

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