When we look at the peace negotiations in the Middle East, one thing is for certain. There is no real direction of it right now, there is no “raison d´etre”.

We need to understand the greater scheme, otherwise, it is just another attempt to do something without really knowing why.

The Middle East is the cradle of modern civilization. It started in the fertile crescent, with cities as Ur, Babylon, Eridu, and it spread, over classical Greece, to the rest of the world.

This is why the birth of religion is in the Middle East, this is truly something to be proud of.

Today most people in the world see the Middle East as something uncontrollable and chaotic, and do not see it for what it really is; the cradle of civilization.

This is what the peaceprocces is basically about; turning the conception of the Middle East, so that people will see it for what it really is; a place of ingenuity, progress and skill.

How do we do this; by going back to the point of departure. By really understanding the roots of Middle East thinking. If we do this, the progress can reinitiate.

Most Nations have each their traditions, and it is a matter of using that basis to reinvent each of those Nations to their best.

If we can get the negation en route, and I can have the necessary support, we can do this.

I am not the one who will invent the principles, I am just the runner. I deliver the principles to the countries, they themselves have had. To make those amazing cultures come into life again.

They are so beautiful. The vast dominions of the pharaoh, the urge of Mesopotamia, the skill of the Zoroastrians, the exquisite poetry of the Arabs.

These quintessential qualities, nurtured and presented to the world, will be enough to regain that respect.

G-d bless the will to regain stature in the eyes of the world.

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