The eastern part of Ukraine is in turmoil, and the situation might get out of control.

I really urge parts in the conflict to get it right this time, and not just blunder around pointing fingers.

Another misstep, another situation getting out of control, and we might just end up in global war. These are the stakes.

It is not a free for all, not control or no consequence situation anymore, this is dearly serious.

Looking at the situation, there is the will of the Russians in Ukraine. They have a right to decide for themselves.

If the situation spins on, the pressure on mr. Putin can get so hard, that he has to act, and then the reaction of the NATO can be to fight back.

Therefor, please, use diplomatic channels, try to listen to each other. But most serious of all. Think about this from the perspective of the citizens, if they want to be a part of Russia, it is their call.

We as leaders of the world, are not in our true right to choose for them. They have the right to decide for themselves.

So, please, consider a peaceful solution to the problems, get to the negotiation tables, and find a way out.

G-d bless a will to listen and negotiate.

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