In these very turbulent days in Europe, the question is, where is Europe heading?

On a political level, there are many different currents and many wishes for the future. As a good sign, we see that the will of the people is more and more determinant in the affairs of politics. This is, for me, and all who love freedom and democracy, a good thing.

But, that is not the basic question, the question is; what are we working towards. The answer is really simple; we work towards a strengthening of European identity and organization. We need the institutions to work again, and we need European citizens in all their different Nations to be proud of themselves again and serve the interest of international post world war peace making.

We need to be proud, but we need to stop the empirical drive.

On one hand, there is the obvious ethical reasons for a full stop of empire dreams, at the other hand, it is simply not viable anymore. It will not work.

We lost the faith in ourselves after the loss of the hegemony of the world. Now we need to find a new and less conspicuous role, but in a sense perhaps a stronger role. Where we are the good guys, the strong example, the donors and the givers and helpers.

We have lost much of the political credit in the empire building phase, and we can simply not afford to lose anymore credit, worldwide, we need to gain credit by being the helpers and the givers.

G-d bless the will to relive our own pride, but in a new form based the most illuminative of virtues.

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