To really make peace in the Middle East, one has to understand the undercurrents of international politics. We are moving away from a post cold war situation, to a conservative world.

Conservatism is on the rise everywhere on the globe; USA, Russia, France, Germany, Israel, England, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Latin America. Even Communist China to a certain degree.

This is why the tradition of the Oslo accord cannot be used in the peacemaking. Using a cold war process in a conservative spring is not going to work.

We need to meet the challenge in the new world framework.

That is why I have proposed the peace solution to be conducted between the leaders of the religious world. The priests, the rabbis and the imams.

Because in a conservative world, the leaders are the men of G-d.

To make peace in the Middle East, the cradle of all religion, we need to do it now, in the interest not of this world, but the world beyond.

We need this peace to be made in the word of G-d, not in the interest of mundane matter and personal interest. But in the interest of spirit.

Spirit does not have borders, it is in total communion. No persons who are deemed good enough are left out. This should be the walk of the peace interest, not the selfish interest of this and that tribe or people. But the interest of man.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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