The peaceproces in the Middle East has now left the headlines of the world, because of the failed attempt of mr. John Kerry on Israel/Palestine reconciliation and because the Ukrainian drama is, it seems, so much more filled with potential for disrupting the international order.

I beg you to see, that it is neither. Ukraine will not get out of hand, because the Russians seem to be well tempered, mr. Putin is not interested in a global war, so he will respect the de-escalation efforts.

The Iran/Israel conflict is however much more potent with chaotic developments. If Iran and Israel enters a violent struggle, it will continue, because there are no restraints holding them back. And it will drag other powers into the orbit of violence.

Looking at the results of mr. Barack Obama in his second tenure, the peace process we started in his first tenure seem to be running out of time and steam.

We still have a good chance, but, as I said, the odds are getting smaller and smaller as we speak.

Now, I propose however one line of action, that might soothe tempers. In Iran, there is an ongoing feud between hard liners and soft liner. We need to help the soft liners. Therefore provocation of any kind, should be stopped or not enacted. It will only push the balance between the hard liners and the soft liners to the advantage of the hard liners, because they argue, that the west is corrupted and acting like tyrants. We need to be the good guys.

That is dialogue. Ask them for permission to make a compromise. Ask, and talk and use all channels of diplomacy. And then illuminate, give them credit, show the Iranian public, that cooperation will give a reward in terms of progress. Enlist the best universities as peacemakers, inspire the poets and the writers, heap praise on the peace effort, do all you can to restart the negotiations.

As for Russia, please do not use this process to get back on the Americans. I know they have acted unrespectful, but this is not about respect or pride, it is about the peace of the holy land, a process involving not only Israel but also the catholic pope, al Azhar, Saudi Arabia, and also the bright side of your friend Barack Obama. This is about the things we can obtain if we work together.

G-d bless the peace we may still win.

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