Europe is in danger, not to acknowledge this is to be a fool. There are actually not one danger, but a whole hosts of dangers we need to address.

How do we do this? By returning to a national governed Europe, where international cooperation is a good thing, but only where it makes sense.

The first step is to remake the ideas of a nation, or rather, to reenergize and give a rebirth to the idea of a nation.

Nations are ancient ideas with roots back to Babylon and beyond, but it needs to be modified to fit the current challenges and reality.

The reality is, that we are overrun by enemies. Mainly what we have decided to call Islamists. These are radical Muslims, who see it fit to wage war on European countries from within. They are wise, and there are extremely dangerous. So far, the answer to their war efforts have been vague and riddled with corrupt measures, whole parts of our cities have been, silently, by the secret police, given over to sharia law.

This is what we call appeasement. But as Winston Churchill once said, if you feed a crocodile, it will only grow and get more hungry. We need to stop feeding the crocodile, and start treating it as it is; an enemy.

Treating the enemy as it is, gives us basically two choices, to treat them as enemies of our religion, or to treat them as enemies of our political system.

My opinion has always been, to treat the radicals as enemies of our political system. Both because this is where the true problem lies, it enables our security system to take action, if they wish, and the confrontation will be less violent. Religious wars are always extremely violent.

How do we tackle the Islamists? We tackle them with the tools of the state, by putting them to prison, by sending them out of the country, by diminishing their room of action. All in all, we need a multi faceted action plan, that involves all the tools of the state.

What is important however, is to differ between the fighters and the peaceful citizens. There should be room for Muslims if they accept the rules.

Along with the fight against the Islamists and other people who disregard our law and system, we need to strengthen our own values and culture. We need to hark back to our best virtues as strong fighters for freedom, as men of honor, as unselfish compatriots of our nations and community.

This I beg all who wish for at better tomorrow and a stronger patria, to consider as ideas to work for in the interest of our mother and fatherlands.

G-d bless the interest of our nations.

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