To serve

Talking about the peace effort in the Middle East, we need to have a plan.

So far, the plan has followed Cold War lines, and the result was as when we tried it the first time in the Oslo accords; total failure. The trust is not there, and the partners are all in total denial as to how we may overcome the problems. Not good.

Why is this so? Because we are treating the symptoms not the root problem. What is the root problem? Well, it is quite obvious if you think about it. What is the vehicle of Middle Eastern development? Is it growth? No. Is it politics? No. It is religion. All major religions have home in the Middle East, and therefore they all fight each other for supremacy.

Therefor the root cause is the fighting between the religions.

To alter this challenge, we therefore need to make a new path where all three religions can travel down upon. Each religion have in their prophesies, that it will rule the entire world, this is only possible if they all advance together and not as individual religions. The new super religion, that encompasses all three faiths, will rule the world, and thereby fulfilling the prophecy.

In Kabbalah we talk about the age of the Messiah, and this is the age we are entering.

Therefor, I urge all who believe in the advent of a religious age, to come together and relinquish all former grievances, not for our well being or our own comfort, but because, this is what we are supposed to do in the interest of spirit. Humbly, relinquishing our power over the world affairs, and giving it, in all aspect to the spirit. For us to serve in the interest of mankind.

G-d bless the will the serve all of humanity.

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