We are walking on a very thin rope of tremendous catastrophic implications. If we fail, the world will be plunged into an all encompassing war never seen before in the same calibre.

Two military alliances are pitted against each other. Russia against USA, and if we lose the peace momentum, atomic warheads will start flying between east and west. This is the threat we are dealing with.

In Ukraine it seems the situation is more or less stabilized. I really hope the pro Russian regions find some relief. And I hope the Kievan government will stop the aggressive and honestly totally mad and absurd war against unarmed citizens, and be serious about going to the negotiation table. Hopefully the independent vote of the regions will serve as a starting point for this. Is is obvious to all, that the regions wish to be free, and it is their right to chose that.

But, the chaotic situation does not stop there, in fact the conflict has pushed another process to the brink of all out war. The conflict between Israel and Iran.

In the first tenure of mr. Barack Obama, we really made a lot of progress on this issue, and Iran was on a peaceful bend.

This we have put to risk, and if the negotiations break down, this will call for war between Israel and Iran.

It may very well draw both Russia and USA into the conflict. If this happens, atomic warheads will fly between the two world powers. Destroying both in the wake. A new world, where China is dominant and Europe will wake up to a totally new reality where they are alone will emerge representatives of Europeans culture.

The Middle East will be on total war, and also here tremendous destruction will come to the shores of the believers.

This is the situation, and all that stands between this and apocalypse, is one little blogger serving the founding fathers of peace and religion.

Let there be light cried Moses, as he descended the mount Sinai. He did not fight for a better and more enlightened world to see it, at the very brink of peace, torn apart by the forces of chaos.

The next great drama will be the peace negotiations between Iran, Israel the US and Russia. We will see how that fares, but the chances are small for success.

G-d bless the peace of man we still hope and fight for.

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