I have tried to give it a bit more thought about the peace of the Middle East.

As rav Ashlag says; the day the three monotheistic religions have a common base. That day, Israel will bring peace.

You know, he was right.

What has really given us a huge boost, is the proces of Israel becoming more religious. When Israel started, it was essentially a humanistic/democratic/socialist state.

Inspired by great European Jews as Herzl and Brandes.

Religion was not really at the fore of the Israeli state. There were some kabbalists who thought about it, among them rav Ashlag. But Israel has had a strict border between the state and the religion.

This has changed in the last twenty years, as the rest of the world, religion has had a comeback.

What has this had of effect for Israel? Well, essentially it has brought Israel closer to its neighbors in terms of worldview. That is what we are witnessing now.

Both the sunnis and the shias are very religious people. When we talk religion, we all of sudden find, that we have a common language, and the same goals.

Judaism is the source of all three monotheistic religions. Sometimes when religion develops along positive lines, Christianity and Islam cherises its jewish roots, sometimes in times of negative development, it hates its jewish roots.

So, the ability of Israel to reach out, and understand the other two religions and even support them, is what the other religions require to develop along positive lines.

Judaism is essentially extremely positive. The quest for peace is judaism.

So, as a religious state, Israel means peace.

G-d bless the will to understand how we can find peace.

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